Yogasan for kidney stone – Treat your health at home

Today i am going to learn Yogasan for kidney stone – Treat your health at home. So friends most of the people take tension of kidney. Because the pain of stone is very unsad or uncontrollable for of us. Another thing that if we are not doing early treatment . These are become a dangerous to your health. Therefore don’t take tension my friend you can easily treatment at home in starting time. First of all I will tell you how to make kidney stone and your body.

How to make kidney stone :- I know that some people are think that stone are not make . This is the come in our r body from food. We are eat like rice , ………. But my dear friends Don’t like this stone come in our body. Similarly we eat oil food or some junk food , i hope you know that the kidney stones affect any part of your urinary. This is made minerals and salt that from inside of your kidney.

Symptoms of kidney stone

  • Pink , red or brown urine you see
  • Foul – smelling urine out from us.
  • Urinating more sometime or a burning feeling during urination
  • Hence, very sharp pain in the sides and back below the ribs
  • Pain that comes in a fluctuating way in your urine

Types of kidney stone

Seem like, the Types of kidney stone help to know you kidney stone. And may you find a clue of your pain.

Calcium stone :- Calcium stone are usually made calcium oxolate . Oxolate is a substance , we are contain from fruits ,vegetable, nuts, etc, so much calcium found.

Struvite stone :- struvite stone is made urinary tract infaction. Mostly this Types of stones are made last fast .

Uric acid stone :- Uric acid stone is made, eat high protein food, increase the risk of uric acid stone.

Cystine stone :- cystine stones is made due to heredity .

Best Yogasna for kidney – you can easily treat your health at home

Ustra asana

Ustra asana is help to prevent kidney stone. But if you have already kidney stone , then it help to pass stone. This asana is pass fresh oxegen to kidneys.

Ustra asan method
How to ustra asan at home
Best easy way of ustra asan
Ustra asan for kidney stone

How to do ?

  • first standard on your knee
  • Second keep back your both hand
  • And third start to bend your body
  • Fourth hold your heel by the hand
  • Continue still 20 second on this pose


uttanpadasana is so much good for the muscles of the lower back and leg. It improves your abdominal muscles and function of pancreas , kidney and liver.

Uttanpadasan at home uttanpadasan yoga step by step

Do step by step

  • Lie down on your back & relex your body
  • Similarly keep you hand resting besides
  • last and final exhale or then breathing in slowly and make 90 degree angle…..
  • And hold the pose with breathing normally 20 second
  • Exhale slowly bring drown leg
  • repeat this again

Pawanmukta asana

Pawanmukta asana is improving your digestive system. This Asana is get relief from gastric problem and better help to pass kidney stones.

Pawanmuktaasan at home
Yogasan for kidney stone pawanmuktaasan
  • Lie down on your back
  • inhaling ,. Bring both your knee and chest close them and hold them
  • try to close your nose to your knee
  • in this step taken a Long breath and then exhale or release
  • repeat three times

Bhujanga asana

Bhujanga asana is help to circulate blood in our body part. The help abdominal region and optimizes kidney function.

How to do yoga Yogasan bhujanga 
Bhujanga asan at home

Move your body like this

  • lie down on your belly and join your leg together
  • touch plam on the floor beside your shoulder
  • inhale and lift your upper part of body
  • Take some time relax on shoulder
  • keep breathing normally 15 – 20 second
  • slowly slowly Exhale your breathing and come back to you previous position

I hope you all are understand all Yogasan for kidney stone. In this blog we all are r learn try to to your health and fitness things. So my dear friends take care of yourself.

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