Yoga Mudra – Benifits of mudra for health

Yoga Mudra means simple poster of hand. We are know that yoga is important for our health. First of all we are talk about what is mudra? So my dear friends mudra is a Sanskrit word which mean gesture or posture of hand. Evenly these gesture or poster is found in the classic dance

Five fingers and five elements of nature feel feel it

Secondly we want to talk about the five element of energy taken from finger. I hope you are listen from to born, All fingers are not equal. There are elements :- air (vayu), fire (Aag), water (pani) , earth ( Prithvi) , ether (viyom) . So Now today we are going to lern how to balance of all these five affecting elements.

These 5 Yoga Mudra today we are discuss

Benifits of 5 yog mudra at home

Dhiyan mudra :- This position of hand is very simple or commonly mudra . It is related to conduction of God, knowledge and memory of mind . This mudra is other name of Gyan mudra which means increase your inner sharpness of knowledge.

how to do?

  • Firstly sitting a yog position
  • Secondly remember that your back is straight
  • Thirdly you can touch your your index finger on the top of thumb like this image
  • And forthly other three finger open and relax way
Dhiyan yog mudra
How to di dhiyan yogasan
Benifits of dhiyan yog 
Helpful giyan mudrasan

Kuber mudra :- As well as this mudra is related to your health and wealth. It means kuber is a god of wealth ( dhan ) and this mudra is inspire to you money of wealth. Similarly today we are give some example in daily life.

  • first in the morning you are going to your job and request to the traffic signal officer to leave sooner
  • Second this is a most common if you purchase in the market and request to the good price of things
Kuber mudra
Gesture of kubera mudra
Image of Kuber mudra
How to do kubera mudra

Shankh mudra :- Shankh mudra is a symbol of our Sanskriti. This is the beginning to the starting of inner strength of maturity. This mudra open the door of your maturity power to perform the front of other.

  • Benefits for this one to improve our sweet and beautiful voice to singing.
  • Disorder allergy activities effect the body. Thi mudra is helpful to us
  • Help to increase your strength and improve your weakness
Benefits of shankh mudra
How to help of our health shankh mudra
How to do shankh mudra
Good for health shankh mudra

Vayu mudra :- vayu mudra is a symbol of air element air elements to indicate proper balance of air in our body. The guest of vayu mudra index finger is fold-down on the the thumb is press them it.

  • don’t wear tight fitting cloth of doing vayu mudra
Vayu mudra
Help of health vayu mudra
How to do vayu mudra
Benefits of vayu mudra

Chinmaya mudra :- Chinmaya murder is helping to awareness. this mudra is aware to to our body take care of our health. It means this mudra is prepare of our body to comes other diseases. strong our muscles and healthy aur stress free mind.

Chinmaya mudra
Awareness Chinmaya mudra
How to do Chinmaya mudra
Health tips of Chinmaya mudra

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