Workout in Periods | Best Six Exercise in Periods

Hello friends, today’s blog post is about a very important topic that is a workout in periods. In periods regular exercises are very advantageous for your body and your mind. You know that Dr. Lindsey Mathews, strength and conditioning coach and the founder and CEO of  BIRTHFIT  (It is a movement and lifestyle in which all humans of different races, shapes religion, and sizes take responsibility for their bodies and own their decisions, and at the same time they are holding space and encouraging one another’s decisions and journeys) said that exercise during periods will enhance your mood and increase circulation. Exercise at this time also tends to diminish menstrual cramps, back pain, or headache accompanied by your periods. So today I m gonna share some exercises which you should do in your periods.

Exercise:1 Walking(Workout in Periods)

workout in periods

Walking is a very gentle and low escalate workout. If you are not interested in doing anything hardcore then just go for a walk outside this will help you in boosting your mood and will also help in burning some calories and if you don’t have any problem with running during your periods then you can go for it too.

Exercise:2 Dancing

workout in periods

Dancing during periods(Workout in Periods) will make you physically better. Most of the dancers find it more appropriate and agreeable to use tampons during periods which is perfectly fine but some younger girls choose to wear a thin pad, which is also perfectly fine just make sure that the one you choose is highly absorptive.

Exercise:3 Stretching

Gentle stretching exercises during this time will help u to extend muscles that may feel principally tense during periods. Many people say that swimming is very helpful for painful period effect by helping them to feel weightless in water.

Exercise:4 Plank

workout in periods

Planks are suggested during periods because planks are the exercise that helps you in straightening your back and ease tension during period days(Workout in Periods). The advantage of planks is that your hips, chest, arms, butt, and abs profit from them.

Exercise:5 Glute bridge(Workout in Periods)

Glute bridge is a very helpful exercise during periods. So start with the bridge position and glide your feet out, keep your hips up from the ground and your glutes should be engaged as you glide out. If you do this exercise during periods it will help you in relieving menstrual cramps.

Exercise:6 Yoga

workout in periods

Yoga is a very good choice to do during your periods the practice of yoga during periods is very beneficial for balancing emotions that cause mood swings, anxiety, anger, depression irritability, and many others. Yoga helps to improve physical fitness levels and also helps in relieving period cramps.

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