Stretching exercise – How to do at home in easy way

Welcome to new post of fitness , Today i am going to learn Stretching exercise. I hope you all are see our fitlable post. We are daily Lear to you different types of workout . Evenly few post , i will write related to yoga . So now we will going to write how to stretch your body to increase your height. Some people are take medicine to increase own height. But friends, medicine is not good for your health. Therefore professional trainer do some exercise to increase own height. Height is a measure problem new generation. So so so we all are need to know the best exercise of scratch your body.

How to do Stretching exercise at home

Chest and shoulders stretching

Forword chest and shoulders

First of all open your hand and clap forward with joint both hand fingers. Like on this image stretch your chest and shoulder to forward

How to do foreword chest and shoulder stretch
How to stretch shoulder and chest

Backward chest and shoulder stretch

Similarly in the second part of chest and shoulder stretch. we are open both hand and pull to back side and join both hand finger . Look at this image…

Backward chest and shoulder stretch
Easy way Backward chest and shoulder stretch

Seated side stretch

Seated sides stretch your clap hand side by side . This exercise your arm side by side. I hope you can understand with the help of this image.

Seated side stretch
Left seated side stretch
Right seated side stretch

Side by side Neck stretch

Neck stretched left to right side of shoulder. Like on this image hold your hand on your belly. This exercise do flexible of your neck.

Neck stretching 
Right neck stretching
Left neck stretching

Foot stretch

Foot stretch exercise is improve your height growth . And my dear family member that your both hand on your belly. This exercise children’s can do easily. So dear mother take care kids height growth do this exercise daily to your child.

Touch your ankle

Quad stretch

Quad stretch do carefully and make balance. First right leg is bend and hold of your hand. Like this…….

  • Build your flexibility
  • Improve the muscles flexible our body
  • hold 20 to 30 second and repeat 3 – 2 time

Quad stretch exercise
Quad stretch at home

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