Special dish on diwali – shahi paneer with secret ingredient

Wish you very happy diwali to all of you from fitlable.com. Special dish on diwali you can make at home early. Today We are learn how to make shahi paneer with secret ingredient. I hope your Diwali celebrate with happy and love . In this diwali make tasty recipe at home. In this festival so many things we make, like sweets different different recipes to your guest. Mostly in this festival we like sweet to eat . But song are not more like sweets, Like me…… I like most spicy and and different recipes. So I am going to make paneer. firstly I will collect ingredient for this recipes……

List of ingredients for shahi paneer

  • onion
  • Tomato
  • Shimla mirch (secret ingredient of this recipe)
  • Long
  • Elaichi
  • Milk
  • Paneer
  • Chicken masala
  • Salt
  • Red chili
  • Coriander
  • Malai
  • Desi ghee
  • Garlic
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how to make Shahi paneer with shimla mirch -Special dish on diwali

first step I will do after collect the only ingredient, we are cut in small pieces.

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second step we are do after cut the all vegetables. I have put into the pan and cover it or Stem the gravy for 15 minutes. like on this image

Third step do carefully, in this step we blend the gravy into the mixer jar. My dear friends remember that the gravy is so hot , so please before blending into the mixture jar, please wait till cool th the gravy. Because hot gravy are not blend into the mixer. Now you gravy is ready

Fourth in this step I will going fry I there shimla mirch peces into the oil. Before make it shahi paneer gravy.

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fifth step after complete fourth step you can start to make the Shahi paneer gravy. Please take it a pan on gas and and put oil into the pan.

Part – 2 of cooking

Sixth step After heat the oil I will put jeera and Kari patta on the pan. Similarly in this step we are put the gravy on the pan. Add the 3 step with sixth step. Seem like wish add all spices into the gravy.

seventh step you can rotate your gravy into the pan. Tiil the colour gravy is change and cook properly.

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Eighth type is the important step in this step the we are add milk into the gravy .And my dear friends remember that when you add milk into the gravy please cannot stop and rotate them.

After doing 8 step I will do 9 step in this step. we are add paneer year and shimla mirch into the gravy and similarly rotate only 5 minutes.

now this is 10 th step is a final step. In this step we are sir and decorate in restaurant style. In this step we are add malai and dhaniya patta to garnishing with garam masala.

Tips for cooking

  • hey guys in this recipe we are use chicken masala. but first of all I will tell you that I hope you know no or not I don’t know no. but chicken masala is a pure vegetarian masala. We are used in this recipe of this masala. Only taste and smell of this masala. I used khade masala is known chiken masala.
  • My dear friends if have note milk you can add water and after making the process you can add 2 tbsp of malai

healthy tips Special dish on diwali

  • paneer is good for health
  • In this recipe we are at shimla mirch tomatoes and onion all are give vitamins.
  • Best thing in this recipe milk because milk is a known as bodybuilding food
  • Most important thing is desi ghee it is good for our body.

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