Skull Crushers | How to Perform Skull Crushers

Skull crusher is an important triceps exercise. Lying triceps extensions, also known as skull crushers and French extensions are a strength exercise used in many different forms of strength training. Lying triceps extensions are one of the most stimulating exercises for the whole triceps muscle group in the upper arm. Normally beginners avoid skull crushers because of hard exercise. But it’s not hard for you to know about the Right formate to Do this awesome exercise. Skull crusher helping to gain bigger arms muscle in form of triceps. Every bodybuilder trained their triceps more because it help to show biceps/arms bigger.

How to perform Skull Crushers

Skull crusher is very simple to perform but in format, because if you do any mistake then you will be hurt (shoulders pain, wrist pain, Jerk, etc).

  • ‌To perform a Skull crusher You need some equipment such as a zig/zack rod (curled rod) you will also pic a straight rod and weight plates according to your strength and straight bench
  • ‌Flex your elbows and lower the weight down toward the top of your head. Your upper arms should remain respectively perpendicular to your body. This keeps the muscle tension on the triceps various shifting it to the shoulders
  • ‌while performing skull crusher Continue the lowering weight behind the head. The bottom of the dumbbell head should be about in line with the bench’s top, or even a little higher, according to you.
  • ‌Reverse the movement until the weight is above the chest in the original starting position. Keep from locking the elbow to maintain muscle tension in your triceps.
  • ‌Repeat this form while performing the Skull crusher. You can do this exercise according to your training. A normal training includes 3 sets of 12-15 rep of high weight according to your body strength loosely.

Full Video tutorial

5 Common Mistakes

These are some common mistakes so please be aware and avoid them.

1: Lifting Too Fast or loosely

The skull crusher is the muscle tension exercise. This exercise should be done slowly and carefully without any mistakes. This makes it’s too easier to keeping weight under good control at all times and prevent injuries.

2: Loose Griping(skull crushers)

Keep a firm grip to keep the weight from accidentally slipping from your hands and potentially causing damage or injury to your head or face. If this is a concern, you may want to increase your grip strength before performing this exercise. The skull crusher is the best while the whole exercise tension on Your Triceps muscle.

3: Hand Position

At the time of performing the Skull crusher, your hand position should be correct otherwise you injured yourself. Keep your hands about shoulder-width apart during this movement. This helps reduce stress on your elbow joints.

4: Lowering Weight Toward the Face

In addition to keeping your grip first, don’t lower the weight toward your face or forehead. Instead, it should travel behind your head. (Also, take care not to hit the back of your head when raising the dumbbell to return to the starting position.) You will also do your weight should on your legs it avoid an injury.

5: Too Much Weight and Too Few Reps(skull crushers)

While performing Skull crusher Don’t take any type of risk because it’s dangerous. This exercise should be done with lower weight and higher reps. It can stress the elbows and a lighter weight helps prevent this. With a lighter weight, you will be able to keep grip and perform perfectly.

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