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Hello Friends Today we are discuss about important topic that is Shoulder Press, it’s benefits,How to do and some common mistakes made by peoples.

You already know that the shoulder press is the another name of military press . It will turn puny delts into cannonballs. But many people don’t realize that shoulder press can also help you build tough abs and enhance bench press.

The shoulder press activates more core muscles than a crunch and helps build the strength to lift a larger load on each upper body lift.

How To Do Shoulder Press



  • ‌Stand on your feet. Your shoulder level-width apart (or slightly narrower), and hold the bar with a grip that is slightly wider than the shoulder-width grip. Be sure to wrap your thumb around the bar. To position the bar, you can either explosively warm it up off the floor and up to your shoulders. a motion called a clean or shoulder the bar on the support of a power rack before loading the weight.
  • ‌Once you have the bar in your hands, be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together, fire your abs to stabilize your core, and work out your chest.
  • ‌Begin to press the bar upward, making sure to move your head back slightly as you lift the bar in front of your face. When the bar passes over your head, press it up and back slightly so that it is vertically aligned with the back of your head. Pause for a 2-3 second at the top of the moment, then bring the bar back to your shoulders.
  • ‌Repeat this whole thing at least for 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Some Common Mistakes

Shoulder exercise


The Shoulder press is looking a simple Exercise. But if you really want to make shoulder press easier so read it and Avoid doing these some Common Mistakes.

These are some common mistakes such as:-

Incorrect Grip Width

Shoulder press

The set up is one of the most critical aspects of a strong and stable overhead press.A lack of stiffness in the core, legs and upper body can hinder overall success in the press. When assuming a strong set up position, you must grasp the barbell forcefully, making sure your hands are in the ideal position to send the weight straight overhead and allow the other components to remain locked throughout the press.

Wrists Are Too Bent

Shoulder Press

When Hold the bar, you want to make sure you have a full, firm grip on the barbell. Squeezing the barbell activates the muscles of the forearms, biceps and back; To help increase the required motor unit recruitment for overhead press.Ensuring the wrists are stacked will force the lifter to keep the elbows slightly forward, creating a stable shelf for the barbell to sit on, rather than sliding down onto the upper chest (the barbell should be in front of the deltoids, as close as should) as close to the neck as possible)

To Flaring Your Elbows Out

Shoulder exercise

Similar to the bench press, elbow flexion suggests a lack of back tension and can affect overall pressure performance (and increase shoulder and elbow joint stress).While there will be some flexion of the elbows in the final phase of the lift, the elbows themselves should not protrude into the front rack or lower ranges of motion.

Lifters want to make sure that the elbows remain in the body to allow the shoulders, upper pectoral muscles and triceps to transfer the load.As the elbow flares up, the upper pectoral and triceps become less active in the movement. Additionally, this can lead to unwanted shoulder strain and potential injury

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