Short head Bicep Workout | Five Common and Best Exercises

Short head Bicep Workout, Hello guys, Welcome to this blog post, In this blog post we have provided the best exercise for the Short Head Muscle of the Biceps.

Exercise:1 Wide-grip barbell curl(Short head Bicep Workout)

Short head Bicep Workout

The first exercise here is the Wide Grip Barbell Curl(Short head Bicep Workout). So let’s know how it’s performed, Stand straight with your shoulder-width apart, the barbell should be held on the hip level with both your hands. Grip should be wider than your shoulder width, palms should be facing towards your shoulder. Nos raise the barbell up towards the shoulder, keeping the upper arm fixed. Elbows always close to your torso and shoulders relaxed. Now, slowly bring the barbell back to the starting position. Now, repeat and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:2 Preacher Curl

biceps workout, Short head Bicep Workout

The second exercise is the Preacher Curl, So let’s begin, Sit on the preacher bench, now grab the EZ bar from the front bar rest. Palms of your hands facing forward should also be tilted inward due to the shape of the EZ bar. Chest positioned against the preacher bench pad. Now hold the EZ bar at the shoulder level. This is your starting position. Now take a deep breath in and lower the Ez bar until your upper arms are extended and your biceps are fully stretched then breathe out and curl the weight back up (EZ bar). Now squeeze your biceps and hold the contracted position for a while. Now lower the bar and repeat, do a couple of reps.

Exercise:3 spider curl(Short head Bicep Workout)

The third exercise here is the Spider Curl. So let’s get started, Get your chest down the bar just at the height of the bench hold the dumbbells directly down. Now, make sure your arms should be straight and now slowly curl up to the top. Hold the position for a moment and then let go down nice and slowly. Repeat the same and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:4 Lying Cable Curls

Short head Bicep Workout

The fourth exercise come here is the Lying Cable Curls(Short head Bicep Workout), So let’s begin, Gran the inner handle of the EZ curl bar, sit down on the pad placing your feet up on the rack in front of you, now lay all the way back with your back straight. Now, your elbows want to be out at the long side of your body don’t force your arms because you are getting to focus on the outer biceps. Now, raise the EZ bar slightly. Hold the position for a moment and down the way back. Now, repeat and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:5 Cable Hammer Rope Curl

The fifth and last exercise here is the Cable Hammer Rope Curl. So let’s begin with how to perform this exercise. First, go to the cable machine, grab the rope up, put your heels on the floor, keep a slight bend in your knees, hold the rope shoulder-width apart. Now, curl up and squeeze the rope as hard as possible. Remember to keep your core tight. Breathe out the way when you come up and breathe in when you go down.

So, guys, these were the 5 best well-known short head exercises. I hope you understood how to perform them.

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