Reverse Crunch | Benefits, Form and Variation


The reverse crunch is a core exercise that primarily hits your rectus abdominis, the muscle in your abdomen that makes up your “six-pack”.
The reverse crunches are the simplest exercise you can pick up easily. Reverse crunches are very helpful for build your six-pack and they will also help to reduce Bally fat. Every sports person does this awesome exercise to reduce fat and get better health or physic. Reverse crunches are similar to Traditional crunches. As you get stronger, you can increase the number of sets or repetitions to make it’s more difficult or challenging.

Let’s talk about the Benefits of Reverse crunches, How to Do and Variations of reverse crunches.

Benefits of Reverse Crunches

Firstly we talk about some benefits of reverse crunches. Reverse crunches have many similar benefits as traditional crunches. Because your neck or back body stays on the floor. It is supposed to be easy on your spine.

Here are some benefits of reverse crunches.

‌1: Easy Set up.

To perform reverse crunches you do not need any type of equipment. All you need is only your body weight for reverse crunches. It means you can do reverse crunches anywhere or anytime

‌2: Targeted core muscle.

The reverse crunches work on your core muscle it will help to build stronger your core muscle and Reverse crunches also activate your transverse Abdominis, the deep muscle below your abdominals, and your external obliques

‌3: Getting stronger your Abdominis.

The reverse crunches help to build your Abdominis stronger and the main function is to flex your trunk or spine or build your six-pack (abs).

4‌: Less stressful on your back than crunches.

The traditional crunches reducing how far your spine bends forward during crunches reduces the force on your spinal discs. In short, reverse crunches less flex your spine than traditional crunches. It helps your back to get relax.

‌5: Relieves tension from the neck.

When doing sit-ups or traditional crunches, people often pull their necks forward with their hands. That makes strains on your back or neck. But on the other hand reverse crunches give you the freedom to keeps your head flat on the ground and your neck out of a vulnerable position.

How to Do Reverse crunches(Reverse Crunch)

As we know reverse crunches are an amazing or simple exercise. But we know about how to do correct reverse crunches. You will need to do reverse crunches full of concentration because without full concentration you never perform correctly.
So here is how you can perform a reverse crunch with proper form.

  • ‌Lie faceup on the mat or any soft surface with your knees bent at 90° and your feet were flat on the floor. Keep your arms on your side and keep your plans down
  • ‌Exhale and contract your core. Lift your feet off the ground and lift your thighs until they are perpendicular. Keep your knees bent at 90° throughout the whole movement.
  • ‌Bend your knees towards your face as far as you can comfortably go without lifting your mid-back from the mat or soft surface.
  • ‌After that Hold for 2 to 5 seconds slowly lower your feet back toward the floor until they touch the floor.
  • ‌Repeat this whole format at least 3 sets of 15 reps. You can also increase your set or rep according to your training and strength.

Variation of crunches(Reverse Crunch)

There are many types of crunches but we only discuss the important or more performing crunches. Many other variations of the traditional crunch can help you build your core strength. Here are some examples:-

Bicycle crunch(Reverse Crunch)


Bicycle crunches are one of the most performing exercises by the sport’s person because it is very helpful for activating your abs as well as your obliques muscle.

  • ‌Lie faceup on the mat or any soft surface with one knee bend towards your chest and the other knee extended straight in front of you. And you put your hand back of your head.
  • ‌Switching the position of your feet while you bring your opposite elbow to your front knee.
  • ‌Continuing switching the positions for at least 15 rep. You can do this exercise according to your strength or training session but normally you can do 3 sets of 15 reps.

Gym Ball Crunch

Gym ball crunches are one of the most difficult crunches because you need full stability while performing gym ball crunches. The gym ball crunch is similar to traditional crunch but it adds a stability challenge to the traditional crunch.
To perform Gym ball crunches you need only one piece of equipment that is Of good quality or the size of a gym ball.

  • ‌Lie down with a full stability ball under your mid-back and your feet flat on the floor and choose a ball that allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor without any disturbance and your knees at a 90°
  • ‌with your hands behind your head and crunch your trunk upward as you do traditional crunches.
  • ‌Hold yourself for 2 to 5 sec at the top of the movement and go down slowly to the starting point.
  • ‌Repeat this whole exercise at least 15 rep. You can do this exercise according to your strength or training session but normally you can do 3 sets of 15 reps.

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