Rear Delt Exercise | Four Best Exercise for Rear Delts

Rear Delt Exercise, It is very important to train the rear delts. Many people do not pay attention to this muscle of the shoulder, due to which their shoulders seem incomplete. I hope all of you will train this muscle regularly after reading this article. My wish is that we should train every muscle of the body well so that there is no shortage in our physique. If the exercise is applied in the right form, then it works well on your muscle, which also gives a lot of benefit in strength. In the beginning, instead of lifting more weight, you should perform that exercise in the correct form with less weight.

Rear Delt Exercise

Below we have given four exercises, by performing which you will be able to train your rear delt muscle properly. It is very important that we perform reps on such a weight that you can do 8 to 12 reps in the correct form. If you’re doing 15 reps with a weight, it’s not for you. Pay attention to these small things of ours. By paying attention to these things, you can develop your physique in a very good way.

Exercise:1 Face Pull

Rear Delt exercise

Face Pull, this exercise is the first exercise on our rear delt that we have mentioned. By doing this exercise, our rear delt trains are there, you will know this, but at the same time our upper back and biceps muscles are affected by this exercise. There are many benefits of this exercise.

Step:1 Friends, to perform this exercise, first of all, we have to keep the cable in front of our just face.

Step:2 Now we have to straighten our whole body and lean back a bit so that we can balance while lifting the weight.

Step:3 Finally, we have to pull the rope to the side of our face. Our wrists should be just above the face and the shoulders should be a squeeze at the back.

Exercise:2 Bent-Over Lateral Raise(Rear Delt Exercise)

In this exercise, we have to pay more attention to contracting. Beginners are not able to lift more weight, so we have to pay more attention to the form first.

Step:1 First of all, we have to lean forward. Our back should be straight and our legs should be slightly bent as you can see in the image of this exercise.

Step:2 Now we have to pay attention that our hands should be straight while lifting the weight.

Step:3 In the last we have to lift the weight and keep in mind that contract and do not let the body move only hands should move.

Exercise:3 Reverse pec deck fly

Rear Delt exercise

This exercise is very common. This exercise can be done on the Perform Chest Fly Machine. I hope you understand all the exercises and performance techniques.

Step:1 To perform this exercise, first, we have to straighten our hands and straighten the back.

Step:2 When you start performing this exercise, the first thing to do is to stretch your back.

Step:3 In the end, when we have to pull the weight, keep in mind that squeeze till only where the 180-degree angle of your hands is formed.

Exercise:4 Single Arm Bent Over Row

Rear Delt exercise

This is the last exercise. This exercise(Rear Delt Exercise) trains our back along with our rear delts. hope you all understand my point.

Step:1 To perform this exercise, first of all, we have to take a flat bench, after that keep one knee on it and keep one hand.

Step:2 Keep in mind that our back should be absolutely straight.

Step:3 When you bring your hand up while doing this exercise, then your wrist should be near your lower back. hope you understand.

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