Push Up | Muscle Target | Correct Way to Perform Push Ups

Push up, Hi guys in today’s post all we gonna discuss is Push-Ups. As you all know a Push-up is a calisthenics exercise. So today we will discuss the muscles targeted in push-ups, Do’s and Don’ts during push-ups, the Correct ways to perform and etc. So let’s begin,

Muscles targeted in Push-Ups

So, first, let talk about the main muscles that are targeted in push-ups. Chest muscles or Pectoralis, back of your arms, the ‘wing’ muscles directly under the armpit called the Serratus Anterior, the Abdominals, the shoulders or Deltoids, and more.

The correct way to perform this exercise (Push-ups)

So now let’s talk about the correct way to perform push-ups. So first of all get down on all your four. Placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulder-width apart, Remember to always straighten your legs and arms (don’t bent them even a little bit). So this is your starting position. Now lower your body until your chest nearly touches the ground, now push yourself back into the starting position, and repeat. Do a couple of reps.

Now let’s talk about some Do’s and Don’ts during Push-ups


  • Do place your feet at a position that is comfortable to you.
  • Do always place your hands wider than your shoulder-width apart.
  • Do engage your core
  • Do position your body in a straight line.


  • Don’t bend your arms.
  • Don’t bend your back.
  • Don’t look straight down because it is your chin part which will touch the floor nit the nose part.

Now let’s see some common mistakes which people do while performing Push-ups

  • They flare their elbows out wide.
  • They don’t keep their body in q straight line.
  • They don’t do a full push-up repetition.
  • They keep swinging and moving during this exercise.
  • They look down.

So, guys, this is how you perform a Push -Up correctly. I hope you guys understood and will avoid mistakes during this exercise.



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