Period cramps – 10 thing you should have never do

Period cramps is a monthly problem to girls and women. I know dear girls in period to much pain ,, like stomach,back, headache, whole body get down . I hope you know that some things is not good for health in the menstrual cycle. So now i will talk the what to do is good or not in this time. Because if you are mistake in this time, so maybe is not good for your health. My dear friends, my mom is to much take care of myself. Likes… Don’t take heavy weight, Take rest properly. Evenly we can not say that, this menstrual period is not good for girls or there girls think a disease. No dear girls is a very good, your body way of releasing tissue that it not longer need.

1 – 5 thing you should have never do in Period cramps

Cooking have not to do

First of all , you are not able for cooking in kitchen on first day of period. So my dear women you can order Healthy food From outside. Because first day of menstrual period is heavy and pain is more. And some girls feeling uncomfortable, like vometing……. So don’t cooking in this time, Special on a first day.

Exercise is not to do

Secondly We are talk about the exercise. I know some girls are going to gym and exercises. But my dear in this time is very much special, Every months your body prepared to pregnancy . So take care of your, you can do Yogasan with the help of any yoga teacher or guidelines.

Fast food are not prefer in period

Good healthy habits, don't eat junk food, eat always protein food

Third thing you should have never do eating fast food i am not prefer to you. Fast food is hygiene for your health in this to recover fast to eat healthy food. Like fruits, vegitable, milk


Forth thing you can not do , running is good for health but when you run. so burn your calories due to running or in the period we need much calories.


Fifth thing which you can not do is housework. I know our house women can not leave any day. Because she is a backbone of our family. But my dear women it’s is good of your health. So please 2 – 3 day take rest and read book or enjoy to watch movies. Please if are not take 3 day rest so please only day is need or important.

6 – 10 things you should have do to enjoy your self with care

Watching movie

6 thing you can do in the period watching movie like comedy romantic as your choice. who like more and enjoy with yourself to be feel happy.

use cell phone

7 thing is using cell phone . Cell is the best thing to enjoy your. You can can and to your best friend and share your feelings. Even more you can talk on social media of your friends and relatives to make feel good.

No need getting out of bed

8 thing is very difficult i know. But my dear women it is necessary to your health and take rest to make happy. So no need getting out from bed. Sleep well on the bed and take a hot water bag to warmth you stomach and relief from pain.

listening music

9 thing is listen music your favourite album. Other you can listen your favourite singer song and enjoy. I love most to listen song feel very lovely and pain relief.

Distract your mind from pain

so finally we are talked last thing. I know some girls or women are not take rest and sleep. so you can do craft work, art work to distract your mind from pain. if you love to to make crafting. so you can do craft work in this work you cannot need to take having weight. so you can do easily and healthy for you or Period cramps.

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