Navratri special dish – How to make delicious fruit raita

Navratri special dish – Delicious fruit raita. Today this post special for Navratri , means nine day’s of Durga Puja. We all are know these nine days. Similarly our family are celebrating and enjoy all day of fast. So now my dear friends, i will share a tasty raita to you. This delicious recipe , special for people do the durga pooja and fast.

I hope you know that in the durga pooja we are not eat – anaj ( wheat) etc. We are eat only falhar (furit), kuttu ka ata, aloo, dhudh , dhai, seem like wish dhai is a very healthy food . If you can eat dhai in the early morning then come enargy in your body and muscles.

Ingredient of delicious dish

  • Dhai
  • Sugar
  • All your favouritefruits (apple, pomegranate, grapes, strawberry…..)

How to make fruits raita – Navratri special dish

1 Step

Firstly we need fruits and cut it into small pieces of fruits.

How to make delicious sweet
How to make delicious raita
Ingredients of fruits raita
Benifits of fruits raita

2. Step

In the Second step we are take card (dhai ) or sugar and start to beted.

Step by step instructions guide
Mix fruits raita
Dhai fruit raita
Navratri special raita

3. Step

Third step only mix it all fruits in the dhai. Like on this image……

Healthy mix fruits raita
Very tasty fruit raita
Delicious sweet raita
Navratri special dish

So finally we are ready this delicious sweet raita. Evenly in the fast we are take more vitamins . Like in the fruits, dhai, milk etc. Not only

Benifits of this sweet raita

Hey guys we all are know that mix fruits rayta made by variety of furits . Like ……..

Apple :- In the apple there are found two types of vitamin c, or vitamin . These vitamins are good for health .

Pomegranates :- My grandfather say that “Ek Aanar soo bimar”. Mean in a one pomegranate is more victims these recover 100people from the fever. Because in this fruits found vitamins A, vitamins c, vitamins E.

Dhai :- Dhai ( curd ) make your teeth and bons strongs. It is good for heart. It helps in the lose weight.

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