Long head Bicep Exercises | Five Best Exercise for Long Head

Long head Bicep Exercises, Hello friends, In this blog post we have provided the five best long head biceps exercises. For daily updates, definitely visit our blog, you will be provided daily new updates. Hope you all will like this article. In this article, the best exercises to train the long head muscle of the biceps have been described.

Exercise:1 Hammer Curl(Long head Bicep Exercises)

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The first exercise here is the Hammer Curl(Long head Bicep Exercises). So let’s see how it’s performed, stand straight with your feet either together or just shoulder length apart. Keep a slight bend in your knees, maintain a neutral spine, your wrists should always be straight. Grab the dumbbells from the middle or closer from the top. Your elbows should be in front of your hips. This is going to keep your bicep engaged during the whole set. Now raise the dumbbells to come just 90 degrees and then bring the weight back down.

Exercise:2 Close Grip Bicep Curl

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The second exercise, Close Grip Bicep Curl. So let’s get started, stand straight grab the dumbbell a little bit inside than your shoulder length. Now, take a step back keep the elbows in front of your hips and exhale the way up, squeeze the bar as hard as you can. Once you reach the top come back down nice and slowly(Long head Bicep Exercises).

Exercise:3 Incline Dumbbell Curl(Long head Bicep Exercises)

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The third exercise here is the Incline Dumbbell Curl. So let’s start, Grab the dumbbells sit down keep your back and head on the pad. Now exhale the way up and bring your hand as closer to your armpits as possible. Now inhale the way down, repeat, and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:4 Ez Bar Drag Curl

The fourth exercise is the Ez Bar Drag Curl(Long head Bicep Exercises). So let’s start, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-feet apart. Grab the EZ bar shoulder-width apart and slowly EZ bar up the body. Pull your elbows back keeping them tight in the very top position as far as you do without raising your shoulders, flex your biceps as hard as you can then slowly let the EZ bar down.

Exercise:5 cable behind the back curl

The fifth and the last exercise here is the Cable Behind the Back. So let’s begin, stand straight grab the pulleys, now step away from the cable pulleys with your back facing the pulley, holding a stirrup attachment with your right hand. Now, keep your arm back bent and curl towards the shoulder keeping the upper arm back behind your body. Now do the same with your other hand.

So guys, these were the 5 Long Head Bicep Exercises, I hope you understood how to perform them.

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