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Hello guy’s, I hope you all are fit and fine, so here we start Today we are going to talk about a very important Exercise that is leg extension. Benifits of leg extension, How to do Correct and some Common Mistakes that made by peoples.

The leg extension is an resistance weight training exercise that targets your quadriceps muscle in the legs. This awesome exercise is done with the use of machine called the leg extension machine.There are so many manufacturers of these machines and each one is slightly different. Most of the gym’s and weight rooms will have the machine in their facility. The leg extension is an isolated exercise that’s target’s the one of specific muscle group, the quadriceps. It should not be considered as a whole leg workout, such as the squat or deadlift.This exercise involves bending the leg at the knee and extending the legs, then bringing them back to the original position.

Benifits Of Leg Extension

Benifits of leg extension

The awesome exercise targets the quadriceps muscle, which are the large muscles on the front of thigh.This is an “open chain kinetic” exercise, which is different from a “closed chain kinetic exercise“, such as squatting.The difference is that in the squat, the body exercise you are doing is the lunge (feet on the ground), whereas in leg extension, you are moving the paddle bar, which means your legs are not stable as they Do work, and the full range of motion in the leg extension.

The quads are well developed in cycling, but if your cardio is working you’re mostly exercising the hamstrings at the back of the thigh.In this case, you may want to develop the quads to be more in balance. Building your quads can also increase the power of the kicking movement, which can be beneficial in sports such as soccer or martial arts.

How To Do Leg Extension

How to do leg extension

Set up your leg extension machine so that the pads are on top of your lower legs at the ankles. Your knees bent at 90°. Choose a weight according to your strength that allows to you a moderate load for 12-15 repetitions.

  • ‌Place your hands on the leg extension machines hand bars.
  • Exhaling lift the weight until your legs are almost straight. Don’t lock your knees. Keep your back straight and don’t arch your back.
  • ‌Exhale and lower the weight back to starting position.
  • ‌Repeat this whole exercise for 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Some Common Mistakes

Their are so many mistakes but we talk about some common mistakes that made by peoples mostly and please Avoiding these errors will give you the most benefit and avoid strain or injury.

1: Heavy Lifting

Leg extension

This is not a machine to strive for maximum lift, which is the most weight you can lift for just one rep. Because of the risk of straining the knee ligament, do not use this exercise for low-rep, high-load strength conditioning.

2: High Repetitions

Do no more than 4-5 sets of eight to 12-15reps at a moderate load. You Don’t Need to Do Any Endurance Sets With High Repetitions on the Leg Extension Machine.

3: Going Too Fast

Performing this exercise at any speed will use momentum rather than muscle engagement. So many people’s

4: Locking Knees

Leg extension

Do not lock your knees at full extension. This can be strain on your knees joints. Please avoid those some Common and stupid mistakes.

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