Kick Back Exercise | Benifit, Correct form, Common Mistakes


First we know about what is kick back exercise? I know many question about kick back exercise in your mind don’t worry it is normal for all beginners who started newly doing Gym Or exercises. Don’t worry I will tell you What is kick back exercise, How to do, benefits etc.

What is kick back exercise? 

The kick back exercise is the one of the best exercise for build your tricep muscles. It is a Tricep exercise. It’s very helpful for every person to build triceps muscles or getting strong forearm also. The tricep kick back is one of the best and most common exercise use to strengthen and tone the back of upper arm. It is helpful for both men or women.Some people do triceps exercises to get rid of the fat. Kick back exercise target the Back of the upper arm (triceps brachii)


Benefits of Kick Back exercise

The triceps is an extensor muscle—it is responsible for extending the forearm. The triceps is also responsible for shoulder adduction and extension. It is the only muscle that runs along the back of the humerus and it has three “heads” or sections. the three heads worked together to extend the arm at the elbow joint. (Long head, medial head and lateral head) are the three heads of Triceps.


In everyday life, your triceps muscles work more. A strong triceps muscles help you to perform certain pulling or lifting movements, these muscles often work with your back muscles and help to you perform like putting your bags in the overhead compartment on a plane, or closing the trunk of your car and many more works.


The tricep Kick back is the one exercise to buil a stronger Triceps Muscles. There are many other exercise to buil triceps but kick back is one of the best and easy exercise.


Common Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that are often seen when performing the kickback exercise.

1: Sagging Back


The sagging back is the most common mistakes done by person while performing triceps kick back exercise. focusing on the movement of the arm, it’s easy to relax your back and let your tierce sag during the whole exercise. But it is very important engaged core and keeping back stronger. A stronger back help you to maintain proper posture of the shoulder area and through the hips.

2: Dropping Elbow

Dropping elbow is other mistake that done by any person while performing tricep kick back exercise. It is very important to maintain a proper posture and also important things is don’t dropping your elbow because if you dropping your elbow the exercise performing wrong and zero effect on your triceps muscle so, it is important to maintain correct or good posture and don’t dropping your elbow.

How to Perform Kick Back Exercise

Before Try this or any exercise you need a good health. Always seek the guidance of your healthcare provider if you are new to exercise or if you are coming back to exercise after injury. You can also work with a fitness trainer to get advice.

First or very important Always try any exercise with a lighten weight to get comfortable movement. For Tricep kick back exercise you will need some equipments such as :- Dumbbell, weight bench or steady knee-height platform (optional).

  • ‌Place a dumbbell in your Right hand (assuming that your left hand is on the bench). Start with your Right arm extended below the shoulder. Palm should be facing towards the weight bench.
  • ‌Lift the right elbow so that it is in line with your Tierce (parallel to the floor). There should be a 90° bend the elbow.
  • ‌Keeping the elbow in fixed position, extend your lower arm with the weight.At full extension, it will feel like the weight is reaching toward your hip behinds you.choose Weight according to your strength.
  • ‌Keep the elbow fixed (arm parallel to the floor) and return the weight to the starting position. Whole movement doing slowly with full construction and whole muscle tension on your Tricep Muscle.
  • ‌Repeat, keeping the shoulders relaxed. You can do this exercise according to your training. A normal traning includes 3 sets of 12-15 rep.

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