How to prepare rasgulla at home for Bhai dooj

How to prepare rasgulla at home for bhai dooj. Bhai dooj is a fastival. We are celebrate the love bond of brother and sister. In this fastival we are make different different types of sweets. We are not purchase in a market of sweets. We are make at home because it is good for health. I hope you are want to make sweets at home. But some people are scared to make it. Because people think that the taste of homemade sweet are not match with market sweets.

I know homemade sweets taste are not match like market sweets. Besides the homemade sweets is the best purity in a taste of sweets. But if you make in a proper way . Because a little bite of mistake change the taste of and shape of sweets. So my dear friends comes with me in this blog. And make patial and tasty rasgulla in this Bhai dooj at home.

list of ingredient – How to prepare rasgulla

My dear friend first of all I will make list of ingredients.

  • sugar three cup of sugar
  • Oil or desi ghi as your choice
  • flour(maida) 2 tbsp
  • Suji( 3 tbsp)
  • Mava(250 grm)
  • Dryfruits optional
  • Water 2 cup of water

How to prepare rasgulla at home bhai dooj festival

Part 1

First I will tell you the prepare of sweets are divided into two part. First part I will make chashni of rasgulla. Similarly the second part is making of bowl of rasgulla.

Similarly first I will take a Big Bowl and on a gas. put on three cup of sugar and mix 2 cup of water.

After do this we are rotate the chasni till the sugar is melt in water only. So finally your chashni is ready and the first part is finish on this step.

How to make rasgulla
Mawa for rasgulla
Ingredient list of rasgulla

Part 2

so I will come in second part in this part we are made the bowl of rasgulla and process of the doo.

secondly I will take big plate and mash the Mawa on this plate.

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How to prepare rasgulla ball
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Third we are add 2 tbsp of maida and 3 tbsp is suji. After do this mash the marva with this two ingredient help of your plum. Seem like you can do to continue till doo of rasgulla make soft.

fourth step is the most important step in this step we are make bol of rasgulla. My dear friends remember that when you make ball. Roll the ball with the help of tight plum. After giving the shape we are rotated in a hand very light way.

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Fifth step is deep frying of rasgulla balls in a oil or desi ghee. Similarly in this step put on the ball into the chasni from just come out in the oil.

Finally you are a good life ready to eat celebrate festival with your family with homemade sweets. I hope you can understand carefully. If you ask any query so please comment and share your celebration with me. If you want to make more and more thing of cooking method. So visit my website fitlable .com . In this website only are not talking about the cooking. We are create different different categorie and talk all about us

Rasgulla sweet recipe
Rasgulla sweets recipe for Bhai dooj
Rasgulla sweets recipe for festival

How many types of rasgulla

  • Rasgullas from Kolkata, India. In the Kolkata the other name we called rasougula. The colour of rasgulla white and sponge.
  • Others we found Reddish rasgullas from Pahala, Odisha.
  • Like wish Bikali Kar Rasagola from Salepur, Cuttack, Odisha.
  • Special Rasagola from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
  • Tasty Rajbhog – variant of kesar rasgulla stuffed inside with dry fruits and khoa.
  • I love most this sweets , foun in Kamalabhog, an orange-flavoured Bengali rasgulla.
  • Different different places different taste of rasgulla and different colour.
  • You know that you can made rasgulla in fruits flavour. So enjoy your festival with rasgulla.

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