How to pain relief – Pain relief exercise for health

Pain is a very bad feeling and uncomfortable motion o body . First of all my dear friends , we all are not express the pain. How or how ? So Now today we are going to learn How to pain relief from the some exercise. Before starting to learn of what to do from the relief of pain ? I hope you know that, but still i want to tell you don’t take painkillers . Because painkillers are Very dangerous for our health. It only rests for some time .

What to do in this blog post ?

In this blog we are talk 5 press point to relif the pain.

  • Rest of your eyes exercise
  • Rest of your forehead exercise
  • Press the 3 point of foot to feel good

How to do pain relief exercise at home

Rest of your forehead pain

Firstly i will talk about the headache. Mostly this problem is found in the women. So my dear women this exercise is good for you.

  • look at on this image first i will press the middle point of fore head
  • Second Move to back side of your hand to press them
  • Similarly do like this 10 times
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Rest of your eyes from pain

Rest of your eyes from the pain. Some time we are not sleep well way in the night. Therefore in the morning our eyes feel like restless. So now we are going to do like on this image

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Press the 3 point of foot to feel good

1. Point press :- This is the youngquan point press the down side of foot below the between 2nd or 3nd toe of foot

2. Big rising point :- This is the big rising point press on the top of foot is between first and second toe , one and half inch behind them. This point is very good for pressing it is help to relieve headache and tiredness of eyes.

3. Press the the back side of ankle:- This is point press on the back side of ankle and give relief from the pain.

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