How to make pakodi at home step by step instructions What to do

Good morning and we all are thanksfull of “God”. Today’s we are learn How to make pakodi at home step by step instructions What to do. So friends A most welcome to all of in

Now today I am telling you healthy good morning breakfast is a very important part of our daily meal. But my dear friends how to make this man? We all are asking this question to others. So don’t ask again like this question to you Friends and others. We are follow only few steps and give a time to your breakfast and delicious dinner. Firstly we are learn trying to manage of time. If you want to know how to get good health with healthy good morning. Then you can visit my first post go back.

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List of ingredients – “what we need”?

  • potato
  • Red chilli
  • Salt
  • Curry leaf
  • Basen
  • Oil

How to make pakodi – Instructions is given “What to do”?


So my dear friends firstly i will cut the potatoes and wash it into the water. After cut the potato I will and all the masale & besan. You can look at on this image. I hope you can easily understand

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Now after doing the first step I will mix all things very well. In this step i will boil the oil for frying the pakodi. Look at carefully and try to do like on this image.

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Similarly in this step we are frying potatoes. And remember that we are fry the potatoes. Then the colour of potatoes light golden brown.

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Hey guys now you can eat

Finally you can eat with and sous if you do not like tea so you can take coffee or cold drink as a choice you can take 1 day and also your taste

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