How to get good health with healthy good morning

“Good morning” a very beautiful nature and we all are thanksfull to “God”. To gives a very beautiful creatures. we all are know How to get good health with healthy good morning. So friends A most welcome to all of in

Now today I am telling you healthy good morning is a very important part of our life. But my dear friends how to do this man? We all are asking this question to others. So don’t ask again like this question to you Friends and others. We are follow only few steps and give take time from your busy life. Firstly we are learn trying to manage of time.

Time management & How to get good health with healthy good morning

1.Wake up early morning

If we are wake up early morning then you can feel freash. Therefor our elders learn to wake up early morning from the birth.

How to get good health with weak up early morning

2. Give 30mnts. Of healthy exercise

Now you are think that what to do wake up early? So my dear friends take 30 minutes your healthy exercise. Exercise is very important in our daily life. Exercise make strong our bones. Besides your busy schedule give few time morning exercise.

3. Take bath

Similarly bathing destroy all bacterias from our body. Bath is a part of healthy daily life & feel cool our body. I hope you all are know that, take two time bath from a day.

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4. Take time to the meditation

Seem like this is fourth step, we are doing after bathing. Take time to the meditation. In this step we are pray to God and wish healthy life.

Take two time  meditation for get good health, healthy mind , how to to fresh mind from meditation

5. Healthy breakfast

This is the 5th step , after doing the meditation. You can drink healthy fresh juice, banana shake, milk. you can also eat dry fruits fruits, salad.

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6. Reading books, newspaper, magazine , etc

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