Hello and welcome back guy’s in our today’s new blog. Today we are going to discuss a very intresting topic that is called Hindu Pushups. Yes! Today we are going to discuss the king of pushups The Hindu Pushups. here we discuss benifits of Hindu Pushups,how to do Hindu Pushups and some common mistakes made by peoples.

Hindu pushups have a strong feature of improving your stamina by working on different muscle groups at the same time.The Hindu pushup is a compound exercise that will improve the quality of your deadlift, bench-press or any other exercise by improving your muscle density and body flexibility.

Apart from working the muscles, Hindu pushups work really well in improving posture and increasing testosterone levels.

Benefits Of Hindu Pushups

Hindu Pushups

These Hindu pushups have been favorite pushups of mostly athletes because of their unique properties and benefits. This style of pushup stabilizes and strengthens joints, works more muscles than any other pushup variation and has been incorporated into strength training for centuries.

1: It Improves Flexibility


The Hindu pushup is not just another form of pushup, but it is a combination of two well-known yoga poses which are facing dog position and downward dog position.

We all know that practicing yoga can improve the flexibility of your spine by practicing both the upward-facing dog position and the downward-facing dog position in the same exercise. Unbelievable results can be found. Practicing this movement will help in the regulation of spinal fluid thereby helping in optimum lubrication between the vertebrae.

You will experience a super strong and flexible spine, hip joint and rotator blade of shoulder. This will make you less likely to get hurt during the any type of work/workout.

3: Versatile


All pushup variations are versatile, meaning you don’t need to own any equipment. All you need is the willpower and even the floor.

Versatility is a trait that can help& motivates you to stay regular with training. You can do this awesome exercise without the need for any type of equipment, you are propelling yourself towards a better lifestyle.

4: More Power

The more you engage in the same exercise, the more powerful it becomes, through the Hindu pushup, you are working multiple joints and multiple muscle groups at the same time.

The muscles you will be training with Hindu pushups are pectorals (chest muscles), deltoids, latissimus dorsi, erector spine, triceps, serratus anterior, subscapularis, abdominals, glutes maximus, hamstrings. Which will ultimately lead to fewer injuries.

5: Muscular Endurance


Don’t confuse muscular endurance with cardiovascular endurance; They are both different, although training for one will help strengthen the other as well.

The Hindu pushup is an compound exercise that will improve the quality of your deadlift, bench-press, or any other exercise by improving your muscle density and body flexibility.

How To Do Hindu Pushups

Hindu Pushups

Let’s find out how to do Hindu Pushups perfectly.

  • ‌Get into pushup position with your feet hip-width apart, keeping your core tight and your back straight.
  • ‌Push your torso back and move your butt up to form an inverted V. Or you can say bring your body into downward dog position.
  • ‌Keeping the butt up, bend your elbows to bring the upper part of your chest closer to the ground.
  • ‌Now lower your butt, so that your body is in a straight line.
  • ‌Straighten your arms and push your chest in an upward direction, creating the upward-facing dog position in yoga.
  • ‌Make sure you keep your chest forward and your throat open. The shoulder blades are pulled together with the legs remaining tight and active.
  • ‌Now push your torso back to the starting position and repeat this motion 17-20 times to complete one set.

Origin of Hindu Pushups

The great Gama phelwan


The Hindu pushup is a form of pushup that got its name from traditional Indian wrestlers and because of its immense popularity within the Indian martial arts style.

Traditional Indian wrestlers have been doing Hindu pushups for centuries to strengthen their upper body. Bruce Lee also included Hindu pushups in his training regime and called them “Dands”.

A great and greatest Indian wrestler “The Great Gama” used to do 5000 Hindu squats and 3000 Hindu pushups daily.

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