Healthy dinner after workout and good for health

Good morning a very beautiful nature and we all are thanksfull of “God”. Today eat Healthy dinner after workout. So friends A most welcome to all of in

Now today I am telling you healthy good morning breakfast is a very important part of our daily meal. But my dear friends similarly dinner is last meal of all one day. We all are asking this question to others. What to made and eat healthy food. So don’t ask again like this question to you Friends and others. Now i am going to telling you what can you eat healthy food. Firstly we are learn trying to manage of time. If you want to know how to get good health with healthy good morning. Then you can visit my fist post go back. And another post of my blog is How to make a healthy banana milkshake.

List of Healthy dinner after workout – you can easily make tasty and delicious food

Shahi paneer with chapati (roti)

So guys look at this picture very tasteful and healthy dinner shahi paneer with chapati. And you know Shahi paneer is my favourite dinner. I hope you are love to eat this dinner

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Saag with Makka ki roti and chane ki chaat

secondly you can look at this picture, this is the desi food. Mostly this food we are eat in the winter season. Chane ki chaat this is a very healthy and protein food. Chana for strong the born.

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Healthy & tastey rice

Third is the healthy and tasty rice you can eat in the dinner. My dear friends you know rice is a very light dinner.

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Tasty healthy rajma with rice

Fouth is the rajma with rice and dhai . This food is children’s love most to eat . So you can make you child in the dinner.

Healthy dinner after workout, healthy rice and rajma, healthy dinner rajma with roti and dhai

South Indian tasty and healthy dinner

Fifth is the South Indian famous sambar with dosa recipes. You can easily make in the home for the dinner. And you know in this recipe many types of vegetables protein and vitamins.

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