Good healthy habits – what we need or not for fitness ?

Good healthy habits for fitness success is very important. So know today we are talk about, what We need or not for fitness health at home? Today’s we are going to learn how to make self -care menu chart. Because without management of time don’t think to success in fitness. And i am talk about benifits of bathing in cold water and hot water. A good health with healthy lifestyle or routine of eating food. Some food we eat but we don’t of food healthy or may be not. So eat healthy and take best dit plan at home. First think is remember that doesn’t increase your weight. Similarly daily check your weight in routine. Evenly the most important part take rest and relax your body. Second thing we remember that take very beautifully and lovely sleeping in the night.

Self – care menu – How to make this?
  • Take a few deep breath after wakup in the early morning ……. in 5minu
  • After take deep breath, we are doing well stretching workout of body………. in 5 minu
  • In the third step i want to listen my favourite song and enjoy with dance. If you are like dancing so give 5 minutes to you dance.
  • Fourth step we are doing quite or peaceful meditation on your pupose of 15…… Minutes
  • Fifth or sixth step are interrelated to each other . Fifth step we read a book or chapter and sixth journal out your thoughts on a paper. Write something with beautiful idea .
  • seventh you can go to evening walk outside feel the nature .
  • Finally last step you choose according to your taste. If you are want to make tastey recipes. So you can cooking . But if want to different you can do crafting thing.

Benifits of hot and cold water

In this heading We are going to talk about bathing choose of water.

Benefits of bathing in cold water
Benefits of bathing in hot water
How to choose water for bathing

Hot water

  • If you Barth in hot water is healthful to you . This is reduced the tiredness of body
  • seem like wish reduce the headache,
  • Relax your muscles
  • open pores and clearness of skin
  • Remove the the germs in our body

Cold water

  • Prevent cold if you barth in cold water
  • Reduce your tension in your mind
  • Stimulate your immune system of cold water
  • In during winter season the skin of body is tight due to cold atmosphere and clod water

Good healthy habits – what is or not for fitness

Eat always healthy food
Don't eat junk food
What to eat for good health

Eat healthy food

My dear friends always eat healthy food like vegetable, fruits, milk, Nuts, cheese, pulses. If you are non vegetarian you can also eat, meat, fish egg etc.

Don’t eat junk food

I hope you know all that junk food is bad for our health. So please don’t eat junk food you and stop to your kids . Junk food is unhealthy and and hygiene for our help or growth.

Good healthy habits eat for wight loss

Finally I will talk about of fat, How to reduce the fat of our body from eat food.

  • Maybe you are know that green tea is burn the calories.
  • Orange is a fruit it burn the fat of our Tommy
  • Non vegetarian can eat Salmon , it is aids weigh loss.
  • Vegetarian you can eat broccoli Spanish and Apple kiwi or banana is best for you.
  • And drink 8 glass water each day in your daily routine

So now this diet and reduce your fat and burn the excess fat calories

Follow Good healthy habits before bedtime

How to make routine plan
How do self care at home
How make self care menu

At the end we are follow some habits before bedtime. Because sleeping is basic need in fitness health. But I know some time we eat wrong food and I cannot sleep at the night proper way. I feel this experience so I will share with you.

Healthy food before bedtime

Just before sleeping time can we eat banana, hot milk, honey, kiwi, nuts and lemon tea. There all are good for health.

Unhealthy foods before bedtime

Don’t eat, just before sleeping time like chocolate, spicy food, alcohol, fatty food, coffee and cheese

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