Flat Dumbbell Press | Form, Benifits & Muscle Target

Flat Dumbbell Press,Hello And Welcome Friends Today We are discusse about a very important Chest exercise that is Flat Dumbbell Bench Press.its also known as Traditional bench press. Today we talk about Flat Dumbbell Bench Press, it’s benefits, How to do Correct Flat Dumbbell Bench Press and The important Some Common Mistakes that made by peoples. This exercise is an Gym workout exercise that targets your whole chest and also involve shoulder, abs and tricep.It’s very important to train your chest muscles just as you would any other muscle. One of the most common and effective exercises for working your chest muscles is the Flat Dumbbell Bench Press. The flat Dumbbell Bench Press affect the pectoralis major is comprised of the upper and lower pec.

When flat benching, both heads are stressed evenly, which makes this exercise best for overall pec development. A flat press is much more easy and natural compare than other chest Exercises. The Dumbbell Bench Press exercise is the one of the best Exercise for all of us. it will definitely help to build your Chest Bigger and Stronger with shape. The flat dumbbell bench press is too simple and no need of much equipment. You need only a set of dumbbell and a flat bench. The flat press is not only target your whole chest muscles but it will also targets these muscles such as : Chest, Triceps and Shoulders.


Benefits Of Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

The Flat dumbbell press is much more effective exercise than other to build your chest. The flat dumbbell press targets your whole part of the chest.The flat bench press help to increase your lifting power,Builds overall upper body strength,Builds the major and minor pectoralis muscles at the same time and Targets other major muscles; triceps, deltoids, serratus anterior (side of the chest) as well as the ribs and most Helpful to strengthen bones.


The flat Dumbbell Bench Press help to you to increase your full range of motion.To improve your Bench Press and performance, range of motion is critical. One limiting factor of the traditional Barbell Bench Press is a restriction the range of motion, depending on the shoulder width of the athletes.but on other side if you perform flat Dumbbell Press achieved a greater range of motion during the bench pressing movement. And other benefit is you don’t need of any support to perform dumbbell bench press.you can do easier and without any support.


How To Do Flat Dumbbell

As you know we already talke about you do not need so much equipment to do this exercise. Only all you need to perform the flat dumbbell press is an flat bench or a set or two of dumbbells. You don’t need much more space beyond the space required for the bench itself.


You’ll want to choose the lighter dumbbells used for a dumbbell press and when performing an flat bench press. If you’re not sure of the right weight, start lighter and work your way up until you feel a challenge, but can still do a complete set using proper form.


  • ‌Lie on a bench hold a dumbbell in your each hand by the sides of your shoulders. Your palms should be facing your feet in the starting position, although if you have any shoulder problems, switch to neutral grip with the palms facing each other.
  • ‌Extending your elbows, press the weights above your chest until your arms are straight, then slowly lower the weights back down.
  • ‌To take advantage of the full range of movement offered by using a dumbbell instead of a barbell, move the weights down your shoulders and bring them closer together at the top of the movement.
  • ‌Don’t touch them on top, though, as this will take some of the tension off your muscles.
  • ‌Aim to complete sets of 12-15 reps. Start with one set and work up to 3-5 Sets over time as you build strength.


Some Common Mistakes

Most of the modern gyms provide a large variety of training equipment to help their members pursue their individual goals in the most effective way. Unlike their predecessors, modern lifters are able to target specific body parts in very specific ways with the help of specialized equipment’s.

Now we talk about some common mistakes made by peoples.This exercise is looking to simple Exercise of you really want to make flat dumbbell press easier so read and Avoid doing these some Common Mistakes.


1: Choose Heavy Weigh

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

If you’ve been doing dumbbell bench press or a traditional bench press,you probably have a idea of how much weight you can handle for these exercises but many of people do this common mistake they choose heavy weight and they can’t handle Heavy Weight and perfom exercise by full of strength and the whole body structure gone wrong and my friend you inteligent so you can’t do this mistake,choose weight according to your strength and performe exercise full of muscle tension otherwise you will be injured.


2: Bending Your Wrist

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

Another most common mistakes made by athletes they bend their wrist while performing flat Dumbbell Bench Press.Pressing your wrist in a bent position reduces your strength because the force is no longer being applied directly to the bar, and it also puts too much pressure on the wrist joints.

Their are two best way to hold the Dumbbell and bar

The first is to focus on keeping your wrist in a neutral position throughout the exercise, as most people don’t even realize their wrist is bent in the first place.Another is to set the dumbbell on the bottom of your hands a little closer to your wrists


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