Exercise During Pregnancy | Most Important Exercises

Exercise during pregnancy, Hello friends, So today’s blog post is about a very important topic which is a workout in pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy is extremely good. If you exercise regularly during pregnancy that will help you to stay healthy. Exercise during pregnancy can improve your body posture and discomforts like fatigue and back pain. Exercise in pregnancy can also prevent Gestational Diabetes. Relieve stress and it will build more stamina needed for labor and delivery. (Gestational Diabetes is a form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy)

So here are some highly productive and beneficial exercises which you can do during your pregnancy(Exercise During Pregnancy)

Exercise:1 Walking

workout in periods, Exercise During Pregnancy

Walking during pregnancy is very effective for your health. It reduces the risk of difficulties during pregnancy. The ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologist) suggests that starting with as few as 5 mins of walking and then increasing the time duration adding 5 mins weekly until you reach 30 mins at a time.

Exercise:2 Swimming

exercise during pregnancy

Swimming according to ACOG is one of the safest forms of exercise during pregnancy. But nowadays Chlorine has been used to disinfect public drinking water and swimming pools. So British researches say that chemical by the product of chlorine is found in very high levels in the swimming pools so, it may be dangerous for the pregnant women and the unborn baby too. So, be careful because swimming is effective during pregnancy but not excessive swimming.

Exercise:3 Indoor cycling(Exercise During Pregnancy)

Indoor cycling is good during pregnancy because u have a very low risk of falling. Don’t skip door cycling during your pregnancy. You know many women can continue cycling in the third trimester.

Exercise:4 Pilates

exercise during pregnancy

Pilates is a very non-impact exercise that increases flexibility, muscle tone, strength because it focuses on your core, doing Pilates regularly can improve posture, reduce backaches and ultimately help with labor and delivery.

Exercise:5 Yoga(Exercise During Pregnancy)

Yoga is an especially safe and effective exercise for pregnant women because it helps your body to prepare for labor and delivery, the slow breathing and gentle movements can also provide stress levels.

The activities which can be harmful during pregnancy are basketball, hot yoga, downhill skiing, horseback riding, skipping, deep knee bends, double leg raises, straight leg toe raises, hopping, bouncing, and full sit-ups. So you may not perform these activities during pregnancy.

Studies show that the women who exercise regularly during their pregnancy have a lower risk of Gestational Diabetes or having any unplanned cesarean sections.

If you have medical problems like heart disease, asthma, or uncontrolled type 1 diabetes exercise will not be advisable. Exercise may also be harmful to you if you have an obstetric condition such as bleeding, spotting or weak cervix.

Before doing any exercise if you have any serious disease then I recommend you to take the advice of your doctor because if you do exercise in such a condition then it may be dangerous for you and your baby both. I hope you all understood. 

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