Eat healthy tips with Green vegitable after daily workout

Good morning a very beautiful nature and we all are thanksfull of “God”. Today learn Eat healthy tips with Green vegitable after daily workout. So friends A most welcome to all of in

Now today I am telling you healthy good morning breakfast is a very important part of our daily meal. But my dear friends how to make this man? We all are asking this question to others. So don’t ask again like this question to you Friends and others. We are follow only few steps and give a time to your breakfast and delicious dinner. Firstly we are learn trying to manage of time. If you want to know how to get good health with healthy good morning. Then you can visit my first post go back.

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Why to eat? Green vegitable with Eat healthy tips


Eat healthy tips vegitables
Ladyfinger recipe
Benifit of ladyfinger
Mango shake – The second day of workout healthy breakfas (opens in a new tab)

Firstly if We are talk about green vegetables, then ladyfinger is my first choice of vegitables list. Because ladyfinger is my favourite dish with roti, paratha, puri etc. Evenly you know that, ladyfinger is benifit for eye and healthy skin. You can eat many types like Masala bhindi , Dhai bhindi, Bhindi pakoda ,and you can mix in the sambhar in South India food.


Benifits of bottle gourd
Healthy dishes of bottle gourd
Healthy diet with bottle gourd

Secondly we are talking about bottle ground , this is belong to the ground family. I hope you know that bottle gourd (loki) we are used this juce in acidity and indigestion of food. Evenly some time doctor has advised to eat in the fever. Because this is most healthful to eat.


Cauliflower recipe
Healthy breakfast recipes
Healthy tips of cauliflower recipe (opens in a new tab)

Cauliflower is a raw vegetables , you can eat before cook and after cook both way. Besides cauliflower is very low in calories and high in vitamin. In fact, this is the good source of antioxidants and protect your cells.

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