Easy diwali sweets you can make at your home

Easy diwali sweets you can make at your home. Hey guys welcom to my blog filtable.com, i know you are thing that , what the relation of diwali sweets and fitness. So my dear friends today i will talk how to celebrate ,the festival of lights and sweet in Healthy way . We all are know that only diwali is a fastival , when we all are family member meet and eat together. In this fastival we have fun together of family, friends, or love. Even more we are give gifts on diwali. Some are doing shopping many things. Like , clothes, chocolate, soft toy to kids etc

Why We are celebrate diwali

I hope you all know that, why we all are celebrate diwali ? But if anyone are not know that, so now i will tell you. This fastival we are celebrating , Ram ji or sita ji come in Ayodhya after 14 year vanwas. And in this day, in the kingdom of ayodhya decorate and light diya to celebrating . This fastival is tell me that truth can not die . Besides the best thing about this fastival is remember that purity soul of sita ji.

Diwali special sweets

  • Halwa
  • Brfii
  • gujiya
  • Gulabjamun
  • Kheer
  • rusmlayi
  • laddu
  • Malpoye
  • Pudde

There some sweets you can easily make at your home and enjoy. So seem like wish in this fastival i will going to make apple halwa. Because We all are know some guest come with apple . So i will decide i will make tastey apple halwa.


  • Apple
  • Sugar / brown sugar
  • Ghii

How to make Easily diwali sweets recipes- you can make at your home

Steps first in this step we are make the peel of apple. Like on this image….. And my dear Friends remember that , the remove cover of apple is as your wish . Many times we are confusing of cover. You can look at this………


Second step we are take pan and on a gas . Now We are put deshi ghee .. and till wait melt of ghee.


After doing second step now I will do third step. In this is step we are rotate the peel of Apple in the pan.


Similarly in the fourth step we are add sugar in this halwa . My dear friends if you are patient of diabetes. So please don’t add sugar in halva. You can add brown sugar because brown sugar is good for health diabetes patient. Maybe you can eat many types of halva but this halva is special. because it made by apple and we all know that guest is come in Diwali with apple’s . It is a very good use of Apple.


fifth step is a final step in this step we eat healthy antistasi halva. Enjoy your Diwali with special sweets of Apple. You can look at on this image we are ready sweet to eat. Please don’t waste time and try to make this special sweets and easily make at your home. Evenly My Dear mom I know you all are very disappointed to your kids because kids are don’t eat fruits. So if you want to eat fruits do your kids in a special way to your kids.


Types of halva

Besides many types of halwa you can make at your home. Like suji ka halva, gajar ka halva…….. Can make list of halva as your choice, what you make in Diwali?

  • Loki halva
  • Gajar halva
  • Sooji halva
  • Wheat halva
  • Sunflower halva
  • Turkish halva

My favourite halva

As a result , you can make your favourite halwa in Diwali because I will going to make suji halwa in this Diwali. Sooji halva is my favourite sweet. This halva you can easily make in few minutes very tasty or healthy sweet.

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