Deadlift | How to Deadlift in Proper Form

Hello friends, today’s blog post is about an exercise named Deadlift. The deadlift is a desegregated exercise which means that it occupies muscles group throughout the whole body. I hope you all know that deadlift is a weight training exercise and in this exercise a barbell is lifted from both your hands to the level of your hips, torso always perpendicular to the floor before the barbell placed back on the ground. It is a powerlifting exercise, squats and bench press are also powerlifting exercises.

Now let’s have a look at the muscles involved in this exercise this exercise works on the Quadriceps, Gluteus maximus, Erector spine, Demons, Trapezius, Lats, and Hamstrings. You know that Abductor Magnus, Hamstrings, Soleus, Quadriceps serve as synergists (synergists muscles perform or help to perform the same set of joint motion as the agonists) during this exercise.

Now comes to the position of how you are going to the Deadlift exercise keep these things in your mind.

First of all, focus on two things. The first, how far under the bar your feet are going to go, and the second how far apart should your feet be. So the width of your feet should be the width of your hips. Your laces should be visible on the other side of the barbell the barbell should be about 1 inch away from your shins ‘coz when you will go down to have a grip on the barbell your shins should go forward to meet the barbell and this is a perfect position.

Now let’s come to the proper placement of hands (the grip which you gonna use and the width of your hands on the barbell)

You have 3 options for the type of grip which you can use to lift the barbell in this exercise. The first is the Double Overhead Grip, the second is Mixed Grip, and the third and the last grip which you can use in this exercise is the Hook Grip. The first two grips may lead to muscle imbalance but the third grip is the best to use. The ideal position to grab the barbell is to have your hands just outside of your hip width feet.

Now comes the body posture of Deadlift Exercise

First, your feet should be in the right position then bent down to have a grip on the barbell now drive your chest forward up and out and drive your hips down. Always keep in mind that the position of your law bat should always be flat not rounded or something else.

Don’ts during deadlift

1  Never miss warm-up before deadlift

2. Contracting your shoulders

3. Wrong hip position

4. Gripping the barbell incorrectly

5. Moving the bar unnecessarily

6.Bending your back

7.Bad feet position

I hope you all understood how to do a deadlift properly.

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