Chest Exercises at Home | Five Best Exercises at Home

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. By the way, today’s youth is getting very involved in fitness. Many people are unable to join the gym due to lack of money, so today I have shared some workouts in this blog post with you that you can do at home without any equipment. Friends, I have told you five such Chest exercises at Home that will build your chest properly in every way. There are five types of pushups that will build your chest in every way. I hope you all like this article very much.

Let’s Talk About Push-ups Variations(Chest Exercises at Home)

So guys we talk about these push-ups which are given below. First, let’s talk about standard push-ups, So friends, this push-up is the most commonly practiced exercise that everyone performs in their home or park. Wide Push-ups Friends wide pushups, although people apply very little it has many benefits. Benefits of Wide grip push-up you will find out below. Diamond Push-ups, So friends this pushup will build your thickness of chest and triceps. Decline Push-ups, With the help of this pushup you have to grow your upper chest and fat burn on your upper chest. Incline Push-ups, To perform this pushup you have to burn fat on your lower chest.

Exercise:1 Standard Push-ups

Chest Exercises at Home 3

If you see in the image you have to understand how to do a standard pushup. Friends, this is an exercise that people always add to their workouts. For those who are doing this exercise for the first time, the most important is to correct the form. You can see the correct form of this exercise in this image.

For Beginners: 3 Sets*10 Reps

 Exercise:2 Wide Push-ups(Chest exercises at Home)

So, friends, This is the Wide Grip Push-ups. This pushup will help to grow your side chest. If you want to the wide chest you have to perform this pushup. I hope you understand what I want to explain in this paragraph.

For Beginners: 4 Sets*12 Reps

Exercise:3 Diamond Push-ups

Chest Exercises at Home 3

So, friends, This is the Diamond Pushup(Chest Exercise at Home). Very few people are able to apply this pushup properly. These pushups are very difficult to apply. If you start this pushup for the first time then you will be able to apply 10 diamond pushups.

For Beginners: 3 Sets*5 Reps

Exercise:4 Decline Push-ups

Chest Exercises at Home 3

So friends, With the help of this pushup you have to build your upper part of the chest. Shoulder muscles also involve in this exercise. It is very easy to perform, If you try to do this pushup you have to place your legs up and your hand will be down. The correct form to do this pushup that you have to see in the image of this exercise(Chest exercises at Home).

For Beginners: 3 Sets*8,10,12 Reps

Exercise:5 Incline Push-ups

So, friends, this is the opposite position of decline pushup. In this workout, you have to place your legs on the ground and handgrip on the bench or the other top positions. I hope you understand these Chest exercises at home.

For Beginners: 3 Sets* 16, 18, 20Reps

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