Biceps and triceps exercises | 8 Exercise of Both Muscle

Hey Guys, today’s blog post is about some Biceps and Triceps exercises. There are many benefits for the biceps and triceps exercises let me share some of them with you- These exercises increase overall arm strength, power, and endurance, these also allow you to lift heavier during others lifts like shoulder presses and bench presses, a great workout for tennis cricket players or basketball players-a movement the full motion of the arm muscles, these exercises also improves the stability of the elbows and shoulder joints. So here I am going to share with you some biceps and triceps exercises. So let’s begin,

Exercise:1 Barbell Curl For Biceps(Biceps and triceps exercises)

biceps workout, Biceps and Triceps Exercise

The first is the Barbell Curl. This is a biceps exercise, to do this exercise stand up with your back straight, your hand grip should be of your shoulder width, your arms should always be facing forward and your elbows close to your torso, this is the starting position. Now exhale and curl the bar up by contracting your biceps, always keep your other arm stationary, while raising the barbell until it teaches the shoulder level, then hold the contracted position for a moment and then ingle and slowly lower the barbell to the starting position.

Exercise:2 Dumbbell Curl For Biceps

Biceps and Triceps Exercise

Here cones the second exercise, Dumbbell Curl. To do this exercise first St and up with your back straight by holding one dumbbell in your each hand. Always keep your elbows close to the torso and hold the dumbbells at your side. This is your starting position, exhale and curl the weight while rotating your hands so the palms are facing up. Continue to raise the weight untill your biceps are fully contracted and the dumbbells are at shoulder level. Hold the contracted position for a while as you squeeze your biceps. Then inhale and slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

Exercise:3 Concentration Curls For Biceps(Biceps and triceps exercises)

biceps workout

Here is the third exercise, Concerntration Curls. So to perform this exercise, sit down on a flat bench with one dumbbell infront yo. Use your any one arm either left or right to grab the dumbbell with an underhand grip. Let’s suppose you grab the dumbbell in your left arm. So place your left arm against your inner left thigh. Your arm should always be extended and the dumbbell should always be above the floor. This is the starting position. Now holding your upper arm stationary, exhale and curl the weight up by contracting your biceps. Continue to raise until your bicep us fully contracted and the dumbbell is at the shoulder level. Hold the contracted position for a while and then inhale and lower the dumbbell smoothly to the starting position. Avoid swinging of weight.

Exercise:4 Preacher Curls For Biceps

biceps workout

This is the fourth exercise, Preacher Curl. Let’s see hoe it’s performed, First if all, position yourself and grab the EZ baar, from the front bar rest where it is kept . Grab the bar at the close inner handle with palms of your hand facing forward. They should also be a little tilted inward due to the shape of the ba. With your as and chest positioned against the preacher pa. Good the bar till the shoulder level. This is your starting position. Now take an inhalation and lower the bar until your upper arms are extended and your biceps are fully stretched. Then exhale and use your biceps to curl the weight back up until your biceps are fully contracted at the started position. Squeeze the biceps and hold for a brief moment at top contracted position.m to get the most benefit from this exercise.

Exercise:5 Skull Crusher For Triceps(Biceps and triceps exercises)

tricep exercises

The fifth exercise is the Skull Crusher. To do this exercise, this exercise is also known as lying tricep extension. First, get the EZ curl bar, then lie back on a flat bench your arms should be perpendicular over your chest here you are simply going to lower the EZ Barto your forehead and then extend back up using the triceps to move the way now in this position with your arms perpendicular to the body.

The problem is the top position you have no resistance on the triceps the arms are locked down one way to combat this is only to change the arm position extending the arms back over the head more now when lower the EZ bar it goes above your head and extend to the full arm position yo are still fighting gravity in the fully extended position. There’s one more benefit from this exercise and that is the further you bring your arms over your head the more you stretch that long head.

Exercise:6 Dumbbell Overhead Extension For Triceps

The sixth exercise here is the Dumbbell Overhead Extension. To perform this exercise first get one of the seats that you want for this exercise and then grab your dumbbell put it on your shoulder, then sit on the bench don’t keep your back against the pad you can put your feet on the pegs if the seat at which you gonna perform this exercise has pegs if not then put your feet on the ground.

Now take your hands put a dumbbell over your head (this the starting position), face the dumbbell to the mirror, remember to keep your wrist right maintain q neutral spine, and then inhale and way back down keep your elbow close to your head, now exhale and the way back up to the starting position.

Exercise:7 Dumbbell Kick back For Triceps

chest and tricep workout, Biceps and triceps exercises

The seventh exercise here is the Tricep Kick Back. To perform this exercise you need is first grab a light dumbbell and the reason for grabbing a light dumbbell is that you have to hold a position and you have to isolate that movement so you don’t want any kind of movement in the shoulder. So scissor your stance, support yourself your elbow to knee and the hip is going to be out of the way so when you kick the tricep back and the dumbbell back your hip is actually out of the way so you can get the full benefit it the exercise in the full range of motion.

get the nice squeeze at the top position and slowly let it down again you don’t want the shoulder to do any kind of movement and keep that elbow nice and tight to the side so that when you raise back you get that nice squeeze and slowly let down your bottom position hold the position for a moment.

Exercise:8 Rope Tricep Push-down For Triceps

tricep exercises, Biceps and triceps exercises

Now the eighth exercise, The Rope Tricep Push-down. This is one of the best triceps exercises which you can perform. So first of all get a rope attached to a cable, make sure the cable is all the way up to put the weight which you think you can do multiple repetitions. Now grab the rope put your hand towards the butt ends of the bottom, take a step back, your chest up and shoulders blades together, your elbows nice and tight, maintain a neutral spine and then bring straight down. Fully extend your arm, come up slowly to 90 degrees exhale the way down, and inhale the way up, always remember to keep your core nice and tight.

Hope you guys understood how to perform these exercises.

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