Best Shoulder Exercises in Gym For Muscle Building

Best Shoulder Exercises, Hello friends, today’s blog post is about some of the best shoulder exercises which you can perform. So you know that shoulder exercises reduce pain, support healthy cartilage, helps with your weight loss, increases range of motion, helps in maintaining the function, and in many other things. These exercises work on your Latissimus Dorai, Trapezius, Rhomboids, Levator Scapulae, Deltoids, and Teres Major. So I have bought you with seven best shoulder exercises which you can perform easily in the gym. So let’s get started,

Exercise:1 Barbell overhead press(Best Shoulder Exercises)

Chest and Shoulder Workout, Best Shoulder Exercises

The first one, the Barbell Overhead Press, this exercise works in your core muscles in order to stabilize your body. In this exercise, your trunks and legs stabilize the weight and body, upper chest, and arms lift the weight overhead. To perform this exercise foot distance and the grip width always should be your shoulder width, when you are ready to lift the barbell put the barbell on your chest and elbows forward and squeeze your glutes, your knees, hips, always should be locked during this shoulder exercise and as the bar goes over your head tilt your neck a little back slightly to let the bar pass and then let the bar down and start again, Remember to keep your back straight. Here are some don’ts for this exercise:-

Don’t keep your head up and watch the barbell

Don’t keep your elbows wide

Don’t bend your back

Don’t bounce the weight up pressingly¬† with your legs

Exercise:2 Dumbbell overhead press(Best Shoulder Exercises)

Chest and Shoulder Workout, Best Shoulder Exercises

The second exercise, The Dumbbell Overhead Press. In this exercise be careful about the starting and the ending positions. First of all, stand straight with holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands with your elbows pulled into your ribs and your palms always facing each other hold the position then drive the dumbbells overhead with your hands over your shoulders stabilize your body in the locked-out position.

Exercise:3 Front Raises

Best Shoulder Exercises

The third exercise is The Front Raise, stand straight have a pair of dumbbells in your hands. This is one of the best shoulder exercises and this exercise targets your anterior deltoid (the front part of your shoulder) grab the weight in the dumbbells which you find comfortable and you can handle, foot stance shoulder feet apart arms straight down by your sides now raise arms straight, your elbow should be slightly bent until your arm is parallel with the floor now do the same with the other hand (exhale on the way out when you raise your arm and inhale on the way in when you come back to the starting position)

Exercise:4 Lateral Raises

The fourth one, The Lateral Raise. This exercise targets your delts and a few traps. First, grab dumbbells in your hands, stand with your back straight, your arms down then raise your arms in the lateral direction of your shoulders. Your shoulder blades should be pinched during this exercise keep your wrist straight and bend your knees a little bit.

Exercise:5 Reverse Cable Crossover(Best Shoulder Exercises)

best shoulder exercises

The fifth one comes here, The Reverse Cable Crossover. First, get the cables set right. You have to keep in mind that you want to be in a place of motion that allows you to pull (just keep in mind that you are gonna be more on a vertical plane than a horizontal plane when you are pulling the cables). So, set the cables on the height which you find the most comfortable for you now hold the right cable in your left hand and the left cable in your right hand. Your hand should be right in the middle, once you are in the middle take a step back probably about 3 feet yards. So, once you are back what you gonna do is keep a slight bend in your arm and keep it there for the duration of the exercise next your shoulders should always be retracted and down keeping a big chest and an angle in your elbow. When you do this shoulder exercise the angle remains there the whole time, roll the cables back and get a good squeeze in the rear dopes then back to the starting position and do again.

Exercise:6 wide grip upright row

Here comes the sixth and one exercise, The Wide Grip Upright Row. To perform this exercise grab the barbell first, the grip width should be slightly wider than the shoulder width. Stand with your back straight your elbows should be up and back the barbell travels to the chin level then back to the starting position. This exercise activates the shoulder muscles in the front and in the sides there should be no swinging of momentum and the movement should be controlled from the starting position to the end, when you get a contraction at the top squeeze your shoulders and lower to full strength.

Exercise:7 reverse pec deck fly

This is one of the best shoulder exercises to perform. This exercise works on the posterior delts of the upper back of your shoulders. So sit down on the chair, make sure your arms are slightly bent when you go back your elbows should not come down or high up. Just go out as far as you can and then just pull that outback as far as you can, retract your shoulder, and squeeze your posterior delta

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