Best exercise for hand tremors – step by step

Today a most welcome in the fitlable .com. Now we are going to lern Best exercise for hand tremors – step by step. Tremors is a type of disease. So guys I hope you know that in this disease , the disorder of the nervous system. Evenly this is effect in the any part of body. But mostly cases found , this is firstly start from the shaking of hand of the our body part. Nowtoday we are talk about this disease is found of which age of person. Secondly i want to tell you that, this disease is found in the age of 40 or older.

How to do best exercise for Tremors.

Thumb touch

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In the first step We are start from the thumb touch exercises. This exercise we are doing especially for the moving nervous system of thumb. Be like this , we are doing , hold a pen, take a spoon, some activities. When we are doing in daily work. So I give some tips how to do this exercise

  • Stand your hand trait on your front
  • First try to touch index finger with thumbs and make sure that after touch the all finger make “o”.
  • Seem like wish middle finger touch to the thumb .
  • finally end in the baby finger and repeat all the step again and again of four times
  • Give a time to all stretch of fingers 30 to 40 second.

Press the point of fingers

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  • first we are press the bottom of the index finger. This is the help of reliving backache, toothache.
  • second your can press the baby all little finger off the top. This is help to improve heart health, or solve the old bone problems.
  • thirdly we are rub the plum of the hand . This is help to removing of germs and refreshing fragrance.

Thumb flex

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Increase the motion of thumb of this exercise

This is the third exercise now we are going to do. This exercise help to increase motion in your thumb. I hope guys you can understand all the step of exercise. All exercise are best for hand tremors third exercise you can do easily anytime.

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