Bench Press | Types of Bench Press | How to Perform

The bench press is an exercise that can be used to build your muscle in the upper body including the chest, arms & shoulders.

Bench press depends on your goal. There are several types of bench press that work slightly differently on muscle. For example:– A wide grip of benchpress help to gain broad size of the upper chest.

There are many other benefits of this exercise like weight training helps to increase your upper body strength, improving muscle endurance, and also preparing your body to do movements like pushups. They can also a Stranghting sports exercise like— Football, hockey, Restyling and many more.

How to perform Bench press

1:– Your Back will be straight on the bench.

2:– Grip the Benchpress rod wider than your shoulder-width apart. You can move your hands directly through the elbow in an upward or downward direction without shaking your body or hands.

3:– When your down your hands in the chest breath in and for upwards breathing out.

4:– At the time of performing bench press exercise your back war straight and hands grip war tight.

5:– If you perform a close grip bench press you have to Grip close on the barbell. I hope you understand all these steps.

Types of Bench Press

1:-Flat Bench Press

bench press

So, friends, a flat benchpress is a very common exercise, it mainly focuses on the chest. Our shoulders and triceps are also involved in this exercise. Many people make mistakes in doing this exercise. The first mistake is that they do not warm up with the barbell, which is very important before starting this exercise. After that, you have to put weight on the barbell.

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2:-Incline Bench press

bench press

The main purpose of performing an incline benchpress is to develop the upper portion of your body. Incline benchpress involves pulling your shoulders back and down. Hold the bar with your hands a little wider than your shoulders lowering the barbell to your upper chest, and pressing the bar back up to the starting position.
You can do this exercise according to your training. A normal training includes 12-15 reps of benchpress of 3 sets.

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3:-Decline-Bench press

bench press

The decline benchpress is an amazing exercise to build your lower chest muscle. In decline benchpress set to 20-30 degrees on the decline side. This angle helps to place your upper body downward slope. The benefits of this exercise are you can increase aviation on lower pecs, Aviation of triceps, reduce stress on the back and shoulders. It also helps to more weight lift ability.
You can do this exercise according to your training. A normal training includes 3 sets of 12-15 rep of high weight according to your body strength.

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4:- Closed grip bench press

The closed-grips benchpress is an upper body exercise that targets your triceps. It will help to grow your triceps muscle and a closed grip bench press is an alternative exercise to increase your upper chest and boost your pushing strength. This exercise’s main motive is to grow your triceps and the secondary is to build your upper chest portion.
This exercise will be done according to your training goal. But a normal training you can do this exercise by 3 sets of 12-15 reps of an exercise.

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