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Hi guys, welcome back to the blog(arm workouts), so today, we gonna tell you some exercises for arm workouts and will also explain them how to perform them in the correct way. As you all know that the arm exercises will work on your biceps and triceps. So here are some best and well-known exercises for the same, so let’s move further and get to know how to perform them correctly.

Exercise:1 Barbell Curl

Arm Workouts

Here is the first arm exercise the Barbell Curls. So let’s see how it’s done, first of all, stand up nice and straight, Holding the barbell shoulder-width apart. The palms of the hand facing forward and elbows close to your torso (just a little bit forward to your hips). This will be your starting position, now, breath out and curl the bar up by contracting biceps. Always keep your upper arms stationary while raising the barbell, until the barbell reaches your shoulder level. Hold the contracted position for a while then breath in and lower the dumbbell back down to the starting position. Now repeat and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:2 Dumbbell Curl(arm workouts)

Arm Workouts

Here is the second arm exercise the Dumbbell Curls. So let’s begin, grab a dumbbell in each of your hands. Hold the weight (dumbbell) at your sides with your palms facing forward. A little bit bent at the elbow to curl the weight up to your chest. Don’t swing and don’t far too back. Never swing the weight as you are using momentum to lift not the muscles. Correct that by fixing elbows to your sides and keeping your upper as stationary throughout the exercise. Now repeat and si a couple of reps.

Exercise:3 Spiderman Curls(arm workouts)

Arm Workouts

Her is the third exercise the Spiderman Curls. So let’s see how it’s performed, all you need for this exercise is weight( barbell) and a bench set at 45 degree. Lie with your face facing downwards on the bench with your torso and your stomach pressed against back rest. Hold the bar with a supinated grip (palms facing upwards) with your hands shoulder width apart. Now slowly curl the bar up and hold the moment when it reaches the top and remember to squeeze your biceps, them lower the bar slowly back down. Now repeat the same and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:4 Preacher Curl

Here’s the fourth arm exercise the Preacher Curl. So let’s get to know how it’s performed, Position yourself on a preacher bench. After that, grab the EZ curl bar from the from bar rest. Palms of your hand always facing forward. The should always be tilted inward because if the shape of the EZ bar. Now with your chest position against the preacher bench pad. Hold EZ bar at shoulder level. Noe, inhale and slowly lower the EZ bar until your upper arms are extended and your biceps are stretched fully. Now, exhale and curl the weight back up (I mean to say  EZ bar) . Now squeeze your biceps and hold the moment for a time after that lower the bar. And now, we are done. Repeat and do a couple of repetitions.

Exercise:5 Concentration Curl

Arm Workouts

Here is the fifth arm exercise, the Concentration Curls. So let’s see how it’s done, So first of all sit down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in front of you. Use your left arm to grab the dumbbell with an underhand grip. Place the back of your left arm against your inner left thigh. Your arm should be extended and the dumbbell should be above the ground. So, this will be your starting position. Now, while holding your upper arms stationary, breath out and curl the weight upwards while concentrating on the biceps.

Continue to raise the weight u till your bicep is fully contracted and the dumbbell is at your shoulder level. Hold the contracted position for a moment, then breath in and slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position. Avoid swinging of weight at any time during this exercise. Nor repeat and do a couple of repetitions.

Exercise:6 Close Grip Bench Press

Here is the sixth arms exercise, the Close Grip Bench Press. So let’s know how it’s done, first of all lay down on the bench and hold the bar wider than your shoulder-width apart. Get your feet nice and flat, you back flat, push up straight. Keep your wrists straight bring the barbell close to your naval. Come down until you are barely 90 degree, push straight up, and exhale. Now, repeat and do a couple of repetitions.

Exercise:7 Skull Crusher

Arm Workouts

Here’s the seventh exercise the Skull Crusher. So let’s see how this exercise is performed, position yourself on a bench with your head slightly hanging off the bench and get your neck relaxed. You wanna make sure that your wrists stay straight during this exercise. Keep a nice tight grip on the bar. Keep your elbows tight as well as close, then go back, bring the bar behind your head, get your elbows nice and tight. Breathe out as you extend the bar. Now repeat and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:8 Dumbbell Triceps Extention

So here the eighth arm exercise, the Dumbbell Triceps Extension, so let’s get started, all you need for this exercise is a bench and a dumbbell. Sit on the bench, grab the dumbbell. Now we are going to make a triangle with our hands. So your arm is at the top of your dumbbell. Now bring the dumbbell up over your head.  Elbows glued to your ears. Now bring the dumbbell back down and then squeeze your triceps keep your core nice and tight, your elbows facing forward upper arms not moving, now, come up and squeeze your triceps. Now, repeat and do a couple of repetitions.

Exercise:9 Cable Rope Tricep Pushdown(arm workouts)

arm workouts

Here’s the ninth and exercise the Cable Rope Tricep Pushdown. So let’s begin, stand straight, make sure that cables are all the way up to put the weight on a weight which you can do multiple times. Now, grab the rope. Take a step back, chest up, shoulder blades together. Your elbows are nice and tight. Maintain a neutral spine and then bring it straight down. Fully extend your arms, come up slowly to 90 degrees exhale on the way down and inhale on the way up. Keep your core nice and tight. Now repeat the same and do a couple of repetitions.

Exercise:10 Tricep Dips(arm workouts)

Here’s the tenth and the last arm exercise, the Tricep Dips. So let’s move further and get to know how it’s performed, put your hands on the edge of the bench keeping your as semi flexed with the elbows as close as possible to the body. Legs always are slightly bent. Resting on your heels. Now, lower yourself slowly until elbows form a 90-degree angle. Now by forcing your triceps slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the same and do a couple of reps.

So, guys, these were the 10 well-known and best arm exercises. I hope you guys understood how to to do them properly.

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