Apple milkshake recipe – First make it & second taste it

Today’s now i am sharing Healthy Apple milkshake recipe – First make it & second taste it. I hope you know that Fruits are good for our health. We gives from fruit energy and vitamin. Similarly many things are available in the market, Made of fruits. But home made food are very healthy and hygiene.

So today health tips is :- dont eat more and more man Made food products. If you want to make healthy lifestyle. So avoid using this, and protect your health. Hey guys if you know more about the health and fitness so visit my website

Ingredient of milkshake

  • Apple
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Pomegranates sheed for decoret

How to make Apple milkshake recipe at home – We are given institutions step by step

First of all We are take 2 apple . Like on this image , there are two apple on a try . You can see and look the fresh apple .

How to use fresh apple
Eat fresh apple
Good for health freash apple
How to make healthy recipes from fresh apple

Second part We are do start chopping into small pieces. Therefore the small size of apple is easily blend in the mixer.

How to cut apple
How to chopped apple
Cut fresh apple to make recipe
Use of apple for Healthy recipe

In the third step, We are collected all ingredients for making Healthy drink. Hence,

I hope you are understand this drink is so Healthy. Because all Healthy or body building food we are Choose. Evenly milk is a part of body building food. And Similarly sugar or fruits are energy or vitamin food. Most important thing that , the pomegranate seeds is very big amount of protein. Seems like pomegranate juice is make the blood in our body.

Ingredients of milkshake
Ingredients for milkshake recipe
Ingredients for milkshake healthy drink

Besides, in the fourth step is the last but not least. In this step we are going to blend in the mixer all ingredients . So first i will cut and second we are put into the mixer jar. As a result decline that you can look at below on this image……

How to blend apple
How to use blend apple
How make recipe blend apple 
Best healthy tips of fresh apple

Alomst you milkshake recipe are ready to drink. After doing the fourth step, our making work will be finished. Even more , you can drink it. But before drinking this shake We are decorated the fruits. So further you can feel the restaurant style at home. So now you drink it and take care of your self.

How to make apple shake
How to taste apple milkshake
Drink apple milkshake
Drink apple milkshake
Resturant style apply milkshake

Take care of some things……

  • Before making milkshake recipe at home wash your apple . Because this is very important step to hygiene and make fit or healthy.
  • If you are diabetes patient , then you are not choose to put in the milkshake. You can put honey in the apple milkshake.
  • Thirdly you are reminded that, only use raw milk for making Healthy milkshake.
  • Also you can choose another fruits with apple. Because if you want to take different taste in this milkshake . So you can try like this…….

Benefits of Apple milkshake recipe

Even more if we are talk about the benifits of apple for health. So you can search it and now you found the rich amount of nutrition you can found in the apple. Maybe if you eat daily 2 apple in a day then you will find growth own your self Health. Only a apple is a fruit ,we found more fibre of fruits.

  • Protect your heart :- in contact one reason of apple you can eat. That soluble fibre is good in the apple. that can help in lower your blood cholesterol level.
  • one study of experts talk that in women report that eating apple low rate of death from cancer
  • Apple is help to fight asthma problem. Probably the skin of apple is flavonoid quercetin. This helps to regulate immunity system and reduce inflammation.
  • So you can easily say that apple is a Ram baan for many desise

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