Squats | Muscle Target and Correct Form in Squats

Hello friends, in today’s blog post we gonna talk about squats. So let’s talk about the main purpose of performing Squats. So, Squat mainly work on your leg muscles, increase your flexibility and overall strength. So today we gonna tell you the muscles targeted in squats, the correct way to do Basic Squat, and common mistakes made by people while doing squats. So let’s start,

Muscles targeted in Squats


So here, today, we will talk about the muscles targeted in a basic squat. As you know guys there are different types of squat too so we will also discuss the muscles targeted in them. So let’s begin with the first one,

The Basic Squat works on your calves, hamstrings, glutes, abs, and quads.

The Jump Squats works on your legs, hips thighs, and glutes.

The Barbell on the Back Squat works on your lower back, legs, glutes, and hips.

The Sumo Squats works on your glutes and inner thighs.

So this was all about the muscles that the basic squat and the other kinds of squats targets. Well, let’s move further.

The correct way to perform a Basic Squat

So here, today, we will only talk about performing a basic squat. We will discuss performing different types of squats like sumo squat, jump squat, barbell on the back squats further in later posts. So let’s begin with the correct way of performing a basic squat.

So first of all stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on your thighs and start-up towards the sky lifting your chest nice as high as you can. Bent your knees, place weight through the heels, and cut back. Keep your head and chest upright and now slide your hands down your thighs. End when your elbows meet your knees. So now, your head is up, the chest is up too, hips are back weight is on your heels. Now hold that position for a moment (at least for 5 seconds). Keep the chest up, press your heels as you come up. Come up nice and tall, straighten out your hips. So guys here we are complete with the squat now,  repeat and do a couple of reps.

Mistakes while performing Squats

So here are some common mistakes that most people do while doing Squat. So let’s have a look at them,

  • First of all, never skip the warm-up.
  • Avoid your butt wink.
  • Initiate the movement from your hip, not from your knees.
  • Stop rounding of the back.
  • Never obsess over your toes.
  • Always perform a complete squat, not the half one.

So, guys, this was all about Squats, I hope you guys understood, and please try to avoid mistakes or else you will injure yourself.

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