Hamstring Exercise | Four Best Exercise of Hamstring

Hamstring Exercise, Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, a workout has been provided for the hamstring muscle. Friends, all of you should know that along with full-body, we should also train our legs. If our legs are strong then understand that the foundation of our body is strong.

Exercise:1 Sumo Dumbbell Squats

hamstring exercise

The first exercise here is the Sumo Dumbbell Squats(Hamstring Exercise). So let’s perform it, stand straight with a wide stance thn you would have performed a normal squat. Point your toes just a little outwards (just a little bit). Our foot stance should be a little bit wider than your shoulder width apart. Stand with your back nice and flat and your butt out. Now, squat down and pick up the dumbbell and then drive standing back straight up, now again go down drop to the hips under control and then drive straight up. Repeat and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:2 Deadlift(Hamstring Exercise)

hamstring exercise

Here the second best and we’ll known Hamstring exercise, the Deadlift. So what you gonna do is, step up to the bar feet shoulder width apart toes across the bar. Now go down and hold the barbell with an overhand grip you can do it with mixed grip also it’s fine. Your hips should be lower than your shoulders, if your hips are higher than your shoulders than you are lifting from your lower back what you wanna use is your hamstrings to do this lift. Now, set your lats, squeeze your shoulder blades. Pull the slack out of the bar next this is another little way to help set your late and remember to keep your back involved in this lift. Your core also needs to be hugely involved in this lift. You have to protect your lower back so that’s why you have to be in a nice core position. Now lift that weight up, squeeze your glutes at the top and do not overextend (do not go far too back). Hold the position for a moment and then put the weight down.

Exercise:3 Leg Press

Here’s the third exercise the Leg Press. So let’s perform it, position yourself in the leg press machine. Your back should be straight. So you are in a 90 degree angle, now grab the handles and push the handles and push through your heels during this exercise. Breath out when you exert the force. Do not fully extend keep q slight bend in your legs. Come back to the starting position (90 degrees). Repeat and do a couple of reps.

Exercise:4 Hamstring Curl(Hamstring Exercise)

The fourth and the last Hamstring exercise which I am gonna tell about is the Hamstring Curl. So first you gonna find yourself a hamstring machine. Now position yourself on that machine, we are going to make sure glutes in our back are up against the backrest. Then lock yourself by putting the pad down. You are going to do this exercise now, your toes should be point up. Now, Curl down and squeeze at the bottom. You going to feel this at the back of your legs. Now extend all the way back to the top and squeeze again back to the top. Again repeat and do a couple of reps.

These were the four best hamstring exercises. I hope you guys got how to perform them.

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