Exercise for Lower Chest | Best Workout for Lower Chest Fat

Exercise for Lower Chest, Hello friends, today’s blog post is about lower chest exercises. As you all know that the lower chest exercises work on your pecs. So here we have bought the 6 best well-known chest exercises and we have described how to perform them.

So let’s get started,

Exercise:1 Incline Push-ups(Exercise for Lower Chest)

So let’s come to the first exercise the Incline Push-ups. This is a lower chest exercise as well as it works on your core too. . You know the meaning of incline is that it’s performed with your hands propped higher than your feet. This exercise lightens the load and changes the leverage, this version is easier than normal push-ups. So now come to the exercise, begin with your hands a little wider than your shoulders (on a weight bench) and feet down on the floor. Now, press up on the bench to high plank exhale when you lift your body, and inhale when you lower it back. Maintain a straight line from the love of your ear to the middle of the shoulder and side of the hip, side of the knee to the middle of the ankle the entire time.

Exercise:2 Decline Bench Press

Now, let’s come to the second exercise the Decline Bench Press. So let’s begin,  Lie down on the bench hold the bar tightly, and lift it up, now concentrate on a particular point on the ceiling. Now keep the wrist straight and bring the bar down to the lower part of the chest down the nipple area, now push the bar straight up. Inhale when you let your bar down and exhale as you go up now repeat and put the barbell back.

Exercise:3 Decline Dumbbell Press(Exercise for Lower Chest)

exercise for lower chest

Here comes the third exercise the Decline Dumbbell Press. So let’s begin, Put your legs on the end of the decline bench and lay down with the dumbbell in your every hand. Raise the dumbbells and rotate your wrists so the palms of your hands are facing away from your body until your elbow forms a 90-degree angle. Remember that throughout the exercise you’re as should be perpendicular to the floor.

Exercise:4 Cable Crossover

exercise for lower chest

The fourth exercise here is the Cable Crossover but for the lower chest only. So let’s begin, Stand straight in front of the cable machine position the pullets and select the desired weight which you think you can handle. Take one handle in each of your hands with palms facing down the floor. Now take a step forward and raise the cables to your lower chest level do a couple of reps and always remember to squeeze your chest during this exercise

Exercise:5 Parallel Bar Dips(Exercise for Lower Chest)

Here is the fifth exercise the Parallel Bar dips. So let’s start, Grab the bar and supper yourself above the floor with your arms straight and keep your torso slightly bent forward keep your chest lifted and your shoulder blades joined back. Inhale now when you lower your body by bending your elbows until your chest feels fully stretched. Now exhale as you use your pec muscles to lift yourself back. Contract your pecs at the end of the movement hold the contraction for a while and now repeat the same.

Exercise:6 Decline Dumbbell Fly

exercise for lower chest

Here is the sixth and the last lower chest exercise. So let’s begin, Approach the machine to swing your legs around and lay on the machine keeping your back nice and flush with the pad now press the weight overhead keeping the palms facing in towards each other slightly bending your elbows keeping in hands in line with your chest at all times slightly bent the elbows as you drop down till your arms are approximately parallel with the floor now return to the starting position. Inhale when you go the way down dumbbells and inhale when you come up.

So guys, this wall all about these 6 well-known lower chest exercises. I hope you understood.

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